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Because of the time wall I mentioned, we will not have any definitive information about a period that has never happened. It is not possible for such a thing to happen because then there would be no meaning of the existence of the universe.

Is it appropriate to go back in time and fix things? The sectors that include betting will disappear. Besides, for example, if we cure a disease, we can lead to another more deadly disease. I accept that complicated cause-and-effect relationship can cause unexpected trouble. On the other hand, I think restricting time travel is like banning planes, cars, spaceships just because it could be an accident. If politicians hate uncertainty so much, pilot implementation can be carried out in a quarantined small city, and the final decision can be made based on the information obtained from this experiment.

You might be wondering if the words I write here is a press release, a manifesto, or the internal spills of a man who has succumbed the political struggle. I've been posting what I've written in real-time on social media, but I don't think it's going to have a significant impact on the masses.

The time police surrounded my house just as I predicted. So events are unfolding just as they were seen in the past viewer and transmitted through the time radio.

It's funny how they come here in such a crowded team with guns in their hands. They're so afraid of missing me that they brought the decontamination device with them.

I'm comfortable with not doing anything wrong. I tried my best, but it didn't happen. At least I've tried, which is one thing.

Instead of knocking on the door and waiting for it to open like civilized people, the team ‘sneak’ into the house.

The leader of the team is a cool type; he is dressed in a cream-colored coat and wearing a big fedora hat with a thousand kinds of technological trinkets hidden in it.

“By the Time Crimes Court's decision 4.4.2099/12 dated and numbered, we have come to you to perform the purification process.”

“Wasn't the death penalty abolished years ago?”

“We both know that purification is not the same as execution.”

“I think it's a heavier punishment than execution, but I don't intend to discuss it with you.”

“Yes, the Supreme Court has already made its decision.”

"Let's remove the chip under the convict's scalp, please.”

The woman whom I presumed to be a doctor, drove a balm that provided local numbness to my head, after waiting a while, with a scalpel, threw a scratch at my scalp and pulled out the chip. And with a device that looked like a pen, she reunited the slit.

“We're about to begin the purification process. Is there anything you want to say?”

“You are on the wrong side of history.”

Two officers waiting outside the door pushed a wheeled device that looked like a dentist's chair, bringing it into the middle of the room.

“Please take a seat,” said the female doctor with butterfly glasses.

I got up and sat in the seat without objection. One of the officers tied me to the chair with the seatbelts. The doctor lowered the hood at the top of the device and made it close to my head entirely.

At this stage, you may have wondered how I am still able to sustain this broadcast. They are not aware of the other chip connected to the internet under my skull and the nanobots circulating inside my brain. In this way, you will be able to watch the torture that was done to me because of my dissenting views until the last minute.

”You won't get hurt, don't worry, the procedure will only take five minutes," said the doctor, and from the trembling of the seat, I realized the device was working.

After this stage, the nature of the narrative may change, as purification has a side effect such as changing the chemistry of the mind.

I have to say that purification has no adverse effect on me. As the minutes went on, I started to feel better, and as you can see, I can express myself quite clearly.

It's the first time my anxiety has subsided since my mother was alive. I do not doubt that my mother sleeps peacefully in the realm of souls.

I've been anxious in vain all this time because of my ambitions and destructive thoughts. At the moment everything is so clear. The universe is just as it should be, and we have to be thankful that we live in such a beautiful world.

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