The euromillions has reached its max jackpot! Will you play?

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If you are living in one of the 9 participating countries you have probably already heard of the Euromillions lottery.
It is a lottery held in the following 9 countries: Belgium, France, Ireland, UK, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Spain and Portugal.

The concept is pretty easy. There are 50 numbers and 12 stars (numbered from 1 to 12).
You have to predict the 5 numbers and 2 stars which will roll out of the trommel. Easy isn’t, but more about that later.

Each time when the jackpot has been won, the game starts over again with a fresh jackpot. The minimal jackpot is €17.000.000. It is a roll over jackpot, meaning that each draw when the jackpot wasn’t won the money from the jackpot rolls over to the next draw. Until €190.000.000 has been reached. From that moment, if in the next 5 draws the jackpot hasn’t been won, parts of the jackpot roll down to rank 2. At the fifth draw with the max jackpot an no winner the complete jackpot will roll down to rank 2.

Possible wins

RankNumbers correctStars correctprobabilityexpected payoutPossible combinations

So in total there are 139.383.160 combinations are possible, but remember that there are 139838160 combinations which would win a prize. So only 7.71% of the combination will result into a winning ticket.

Jackpot FOMO

Each time that the jackpot increases more and more people are creating pools to buy tickets. A ticket can consist of multiple combinations, each combination costing €2.5.
For with this max jackpot people who normally don’t buy a lottery tickets will rush to a ticket store and buy one! And so will I.
Suddenly jackpot pools are popping up all over the place. Colleges putting their funds together so that they can buy more combinations. Newspaper shop, who do offer the possibility to participate in pools. No doubt about it that some pools will buy more than 100 combinations, that is €2500!

But people do forget how small the chance is to win the jackpot.In Belgium you do have more chance to be hit by lighting than the win the jackpot.
Here in Belgium where we rarely do have earthquakes and if we have one it is a small change. But still we do have 6 times more chance to die due an earthquake in Belgium than to win the jackpot.. Just like when having a shuffled card deck and we do pull all 4 aces in a row had twice as much chance than winning the jackpot!

So why do people play!

Well that is easy. Each ticket most players buy, makes them dream. For sure with this jackpot!
For 99% of the players, they would earn more if they, in stead of buying a ticket, put they money into a saving account! Only for 0.001% of the players this isn’t true!

Having this evening even a combination in rank 3 could be life changing!
I normally don’t play, but I will buy 4 combinations. These combinations will be picked by the computer!
You never know.
If I don’t make a loss, I will be happy. If I do have a ticket in rank 2 or so, I would pay off the mortgage!
If I would hit the jackpot I would buy the house of the neighbors, break it down and turn it into a sports area for the kids 😊.
Maybe I will also buy a business lounge at KRC Genk!
Hey a person can dream! But this person knows that dream rarely come to life!

The put things in perspective. The jackpot equals 1.187.500.000 STEEM! So, you can more or less rule the platform! So, yes I would buy some extra steem and also max out my steemmonsters deck!
Probably I will also become the whale on all tribes I am active in!
But I guess, I will have to work my ass off, to get my account growing the hard way!
While there is no easy cash, this could be easy cash!
Will you buy a ticket? And what would you do with the winnings!



Like they say, the lottery is a tax on stupidity

Buying a ticket is pretty much like buying false hope, it's impossible to win when looking at it from a probabilities angle. Yet still so many people that go along with the scam :)

I hope you win if you end up playing though!

It is a legit scam indeed! But o man, people do like it!
Scam or not, I will be in the draw this evening, if I don't forget!


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Hey @costanza, here is a bit BEER for you. Enjoy it!

oke FOMO kicking in right here, although I have never even heard of this! I see Switzerland is also in....hell maybe I will even buy some tickets on my way home, who knows !

Good luck!
The chance to win is slim, but we never know!


Imagine winning 190 million EUR. I just can't think of a way of living your life you were used to live (friends, family, social activities,...) when you have won that kind of money. It is impossible to think that you could keep this quiet. So in a fact, winning that is giving your life away. That's why I don't play. I would love to win a million or maybe two. And would be easier to keep quiet, but 190 million, no way!

The best thing to win is a prize where you get 1K euro per month or so.
I would be happy if I would win something which pays off the mortage. That is enough. This would give us more financial freedom but still you need to save for the things you want in life!

But yeah, it would be impossible to keep this quite!


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Hey @pele23, here is a bit BEER for you. Enjoy it!

And If you win you Will probably give 100 steem to Each comment of this post 😉
I do not like lottery. No knowledge

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It is indeed pure luck!


You need a number too.

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Never played Euromillions. A few times a year I do buy Win For Life.
More chance at winning. ;)

And a great prize. Way better than winning Euromillions. That way you will get some financial security without having to chance your life drastically!

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We have a work pool. €10 every month and that keeps us in every draw with a good few lines. Ireland has the highest win rate so feeling fairly sure I'm going to win this tonight.

Good luck!
Ireland is indeed blessed.

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Hey @niallon11, here is a bit BEER for you. Enjoy it!

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