Trade Needs to Be Restored and Incentivized

in #business7 months ago

I'm still here, I'm okay, I've just been extremely busy. I've had a ridiculous amount of work since the meetings in LA and Vegas this past month. Great things coming!


I have noticed one thing...not a single person I have shown the Biden video likes the guy...

Finally, I asked one of the social media guys I work with who had seen the video and expressed preference over another politician, why he dislikes Biden so much. He told me that Biden has made business difficult.

Can't say I completely disagree, but I have a good feeling we will see trade improve for a little while despite the forecasts.

Will Biden run again? I don't much get involved in those things since as an immigrant I can't yet vote. I'm sure the guy has done some good things as do all presidents, but maybe we do need someone a little more engaging. If even people in Pakistan or Bangladesh think the dude is falling asleep or making them sleepy...


I'm sure the old man never thought he'd make it to the president, but when people generally favor your vice president is time to seriously consider retirement. It's what I would do...but again, not into politics.


Guys, it's super hard to work with so many different companies...there are times in which one can feel like being all too honest can later be costly. All the same, if I can't be sincere on Web3 then where?

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