Another Use For Drones: Protecting Vineyards

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The consumer drone market has continued to grow incredibly over the years, with drones now helping to create a mutli-billion dollar opportunity and being used in a growing number of industries, from agriculture and construction to tourism and law enforcement, they are increasingly becoming a part of our everyday lives.

According to researchers from Washington State University, they also think that drones could be vastly beneficial in helping farmers to recoup millions in damages.

Aerial drones have been found to help reduce bird activity in yineyards by more than 300 percent.

Those birds can easily be responsible for millions of dollars in damages and using the drones could prove to be much more effective than current bird deterrence methods that involve scarecrows or netting etc.

The researchers had conducted a field experiment by using a Phantom 3 drone and the drone monitored the vineyard to try and deter incoming birds.

The drone would also utilize different tools to try and boost its success such as playing a bird distress call or reflecting light into the eyes of the incoming bird.

Right now though, one of the challenges is the flying time as the battery power simply doesn't afford for enough searching time.

However, bird damage has always been a problem and drones are increasingly looking like a viable alternative solution to help the issue.

Another Promising Alternative

Aside from drones, farmers have also implemented automated bird repelling systems, that cost around $10k, to try and address the issue as well. Those systems have helped to reduce crop loss and boost crop revenue as a result.

One prominent company in the business, Bird Control Group which is a Netherlands-based firm, has been busy selling these laser systems in the United States. Their company focuses on Laser bird deterrent & bird repellent market solutions, it works by taking advantage of a bird's natural instincts; the incoming birds see the approaching laser beam as a predator and therefore flee to seek safety.

Trials involving those laser systems have been seen to reduce crop loss between 70 to 90 percent.

Crop loss might be a huge issue for farmers, facing millions in potential losses because of it, but there are creative solutions with drones and laser systems available that have become more popular in recent years and could easily become the norm in the future, if they prove to be efficient at accomplishing their goal of deterring the birds.


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Undoubtedly drones have became a very useful tools. One of the best uses i found is they help too much monitoring species in ways of extintion making the observation more accurate and less intrusive on animal population than traditional methods.

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