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Sup Weedcash,

I want to share some short and sweet information that you can use to make your very own cannabis wax.

1 l isopropyl alcohol
3 freezer boxes
Metal sieve (fine)
Unbleached coffee filters
Not too big pan
2.5g cannabis (your favorite strain of course)
Oven dish
Glass jar
Take your tops apart, put them in the baking dish and slide them into a preheated oven (93 ° C). Wait 20 minutes.

Put the lightly toasted tops in one of the freezer boxes. Put the box together with the bottle of isopropyl alcohol in the freezer and do something else for five hours.

When five hours have passed, remove both items from the freezer. Pour the 100% pure alcohol while stirring over your tops and keep stirring for 20 seconds, so that everything is well submerged. The tops must be approximately 3 cm below the liquid.

Pour the alcohol / cannabis mixture through the fine-meshed sieve and collect it in a second freezer box. You can throw away the vegetable waste. From now on you concentrate on the liquid.

You will use the third freezer box to filter the liquid again. This time you use a coffee filter (unbleached) that you melt in the funnel, which simplifies the process. You can afterwards wring the coffee filter over the freezer box to catch the last alcohol enriched with cannabinoids.

The alcohol must then evaporate, leaving you with only the powerful cannabis extract. You can achieve that in three ways. We start with the most time-consuming method and end with the fastest.

Just leave the container (covered with a coffee filter) and evaporate the alcohol on its own.
Place the container in a pan with hot water. This speeds up the evaporation process.
Do the same as above, but this time heat the pan on a heat source until the alcohol has evaporated. The alcohol may not be brought to the boiling point.
Once the alcohol has evaporated, spoon the remaining wax into a small, airtight glass jar. Admire your homemade cannabis extract and give yourself a pat on the back.

I hope some of you guys will try this i can really recommend it!

Thank you all for visiting my #weedcash blog...


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