Why worry, we are screwed up anyway

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Today one person I was talking to made an obvious point about the fear of biometric horrors of the new world and possible implementation of chips into our bodies. She said what many of us already know: at this point most people in the western world are already “chipped” by their use of technology anyway.

Most advanced phones now have either a fingerprint or a face recognition feature that many of us use (no, I do not). We can measure our heart rate with a smartphone. Many sports apps and crypto mining apps require constant access to the person’s location. Most web browsers track our activities online unless we prohibit it in settings. Our search history and visited websites data is sent who knows where. We use phone navigators when driving, or we use car navigators that are connected to the network anyway. Our social networks profiles, photos, conversations, likes and dislikes, etc., are being visible to whoever needs to see them. In fact, the life of a standard human being of a “developed country” is exposed completely. And even if you don’t have tons of these gadgets and live in a post-war or current war dump, chances are you are being watched from everywhere anyway. I was watching these series called Fauda, about Palestinian Israeli conflict, and I don’t know if it reflects the reality of life, but the special forces can actually use drones that zoom in on a person and can track and record pretty much anyone running around the city when they need to, plus street cameras, etc.

So the point the girl was making is that... well... why be paranoid about chips and electronic passports if we are already f*cked?

I say different.

First of all, if you do want to avoid total exposure, it is still in your hands to limit it. Don’t use phone recognition features, switch to a tomitive phone, don’t use common social networks, or do it anonymously, through proxies, etc. Forget about Facebook and its likes, don’t turn on website tracking. Don’t use stupid apps that always track your location.

And in any case, if you do want to vanish completely, you can always go offline, throw away the phone, go live in the forest, or I don’t know what else, the point is all these devices aren’t INSIDE you body. An electronic chip, on the other hand, is, and I’m sure it will be illegal to even try to physically remove it.

Implementation of whatever into a persons body is a whole another step of invasion. You can’t compare it to social networks or even face recognition on the phone.

Maybe that’s what it is. All these fingerprinting, location tracking apps, social networks, etc... Maybe they were created as a step toward something more serious, and people are getting used to them. We are being taught that it’s ok, so when something else comes along, we won’t struggle as much.


The way I see it humans don't realise it yet but we're all working towards creating a HIVE mind, blockchain to store it, AI and Machine learning to process it, internet and IOT to connect it and quantum computers to run it, all these technologies combined will eventually make humans obsolete. Yes it sounds sci-fi but it's like we're this worm and this tech is a cacoon and next stage is the butterfly

I think we've reached as close to as good as it's going to get for humans, and it's up to something else to take our remanence forward, sadly I gave up on humans a long time ago

In this case I’m afraid to imagine what the butterfly will be...

The information exists:
People have been sharing the message for years:
When the chaos is big enough they can impose their NWO new world order.
The 5% who survive the chaos will be concentrated in smart megaregions aka smart prisons.
There are gonna be several megaregions in America, several in Europe and so on. Several megacities are easier to… control. Our challenge is to prevent chaos that for the most part is already a reality.
What do you think? What can we do to prevent chaos?

question 2.png

Well, the only thing I see as viable is to unite, to put our knowledge into practice (very important! Because just talking wont do anything), and to convert as many people as we can into this awareness and practice

What I mean by practice? For example, becoming more self-sufficient - refusing to consume what they impose on us, managing our finances, needs, food better. Ideally, being ready to survive the crisis and fend for ourselves for a sufficient amount of time, growing food where possible, helping those around us in need (without making them lazy or entitled), completely dumping consumption of entertainment and disctra tions

But all this requires high levels of self awareness and inner discipline and integrity of every single individual

You're right: there are many actions that are within our reach: it's good

  • to stop consuming unnecessary stuff.
  • to stop consuming entertainment,
  • to invest in our nutrition.
  • to share information, so we help other people to become aware that there is a better way.

The more tools we use the more people we reach.
Would you want to take a look at a new social media that you can use for free to share information, to grow your audience, etc.?

Sure! Are you on other non-conventional social sites? Is there a list? )

What would be a good way to communicate?

You can find me at https://vk.com/arrowwhisper
Or message [email protected]

Would be ironic and funny in a way to form our own United Nations “club” where we would act as truly United human beings from many parts of the world, rethinking and taking back what it means to be Human

Lol I don’t think our minds can fathom it I hope it’s something better though the universe deserves better

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