Again beemengine fails

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Again I find that @beemengine fails, but now I am on the Steem blockchain as well as on the Hive.

After the last Hive hardfork, several dapps and services presented operational problems, but a few days ago I had noticed that most of the ones I use were returning to normal operation, that included this one in particular, but now I notice that since yesterday it fails again , but now it is even more impressive, because the flaw is now also present in the Steem blockchain in which it was originally working before the fork.

The reason is not clear to me, and the beemengine accounts in the two blockchains do not show me any recent publication that tells or explains what is happening, so I do not like it, because I do not like being in the dark on these issues.

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Hello, some connections were failing, hope all is back to normal, happy posting :)

Beemengine is back on the Steem blockchain, I appreciate the comment and I wish that everything can be resolved soon, good luck

Dear Pedro.. all is back to normal. Happy Posting! Cheers!

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