Snowden, in his own words

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I have just finished reading Permanent Record by Edward Snowden. We is a former IT contractor who became world famous after becoming a whistleblower to expose the illegal activities he was during his work for the US security services. He wrote this book to tell his story and help people understand why he did this act that made him a wanted ma.


I can relate to some of his upbringing where he got into computers, but he was even more of a geek than me. He writes well and keeps the reader engaged. There is enough technical information for those who want it without putting off those who are more interested in the man. He wanted to serve his country after 9/11 and decided to make use of his IT skills. He did a spell in the military to bypass some of the academic requirements, but was invalided out of that. He subsequently worked in US installations around the world and saw how they were hoovering up all available data in the name of defending the country, but going beyond what the law allows. It is pretty scary stuff and it made me think again about how much I should expose myself online.

He is now living in Russia as he got stranded there whilst trying to get to somewhere else beyond the reaches of US law. His girlfrield joined him there and they are now married.

I will not give away all the details of his story as I encourage you to read this book. It is telling that the government tried to stop publication. Snowden may not be able to get all the royalties. I notice he is not currently active on Twitter, so maybe he has something going on. He now works with the Freedom of the Press Foundation.

I have read quite a few articles about Snowden, but it was great to get his own view. You should also check out these two movies.

Citizen 4 is a documentary account of when he first met up with journalist to get his information out to the world.

Snowden is a biographical drama of his life by Oliver Stone. Some events and people may not be exactly as in reality.

My current reading is What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Murakami and The Three-Body Problem by Liu Cixin (on my phone). As I also read some weekly papers and magazines it can take me a while to get through a book. I log my reading on Goodreads, but have wondered if it would be possible to implement something like it on Hive.


I watched the movie Snowden some months ago and after I searched more informations about him reading articles. I just googled the book and I found it in italian language too so I'll order it (yep, I work in a bookstore ^_^). Thanks to wrote about it!

I hope you enjoy it. I think it's quite an important book.


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I was just telling myself last night that I really need to read a nonfiction book. Too much fiction lately ( I get hooked on fantasy from time to time ). Thanks for the inspiration! Will probably give Permanent Record a look

I read a mix of stuff. I tend to like stuff that is some combination of geeky, funny and interesting.

I've been meaning to read this. Will get into it when I have finished my current book. It's funny how he slipped off the radar almost, I didn't realise he was living in Russia

He was trying to get to Ecuador, but during a stop in Moscow his passport was cancelled and so he was stuck there. I bet Putin loved that, but Snowden seems to be free to do what he likes.

That's good. Putin will love baiting the West but if it means he isn't banged up in Guantanamo then I'm happy

I definitely need to read this. The Snowden movie was pretty good too. It definitely makes you think about government abuse of power.

We need people as brave as him to find out what is happening.

Thoroughly enjoyed the book and his personal remarks. Although I already knew the events from the film and the docu.

I think the film dramatised some aspects a bit and didn't cover his early life. I enjoyed it though.

Now if I read books anymore.., but I don't.. and due to COVID I rarely drive which is the alternative to old-fashioned book reading (audiobooks).., this could be promising.., !WINE.. need to try the vino bot!

I have a stack of books to work through.I really ought to set aside more time for it instead of randomly surfing like I do.

Let's try this !WINE again, it should work this time.

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