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RE: A tale of immortal cells

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Sounds like an interesting read. what happened in the end, did the daughter get some kind of resolution? Amazing how one woman's death could contribute so much to research.



Should I give spoilers?

The author established a foundation and the family get something from that. Deborah died before the book came out, but she saw some progress. There are statues of Henrietta in a couple of places and at least one park named after her. You have to wonder how many other people made similar contributions and are forgotten. The scientists get the recognition and I'm sure most act for the good of all, but they need to be careful not to exploit those who are vulnerable.


Glad the family got some type of recognition. Funny you say that re scientist. I was having a discussion with a scientist friend of mine with regards to the politics in the team and certain parties taking credit where it's not due. Of course not all scientists would do this, but it also highlights that all types of people are scientists. And although many may have good intentions, if you the glory seeker type you won't care if the right people are getting credited or compensated where they should. What exactly happened with Henrietta's case is a mystery in itself. !PIZZA

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