New Crypto Book with McAfee, @aggroed & Me: Persons of Interest : Timestamped in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, Vol 1. 2020

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Irish journalist and author Jillian Godsil has just published a fascinating book of interviews with amazing people in the blockchain cryptocurrency space.

The interviews in the book include big names such as John McAfee & Andreas Antonopoulos as well as a number of Hiveans: @aggroed, @jpbliberty, myself and @brianoflondon.

The cool cover artwork is by @kommienezuspadt.

Each of the interviews is very accessible and easy to read and sheds light on many different aspects of the cryptocurrency space.

You can find the book on Amazon for only $0.99 for the Kindle version

Well worth a read.

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Looks interesting, can we buy it with crypto?

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I don't think so as its Amazon.

Ah, I was wondering more whether it might be for sale somewhere else?!?

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I just bought my Kindle copy right now!