TIL: Spacesuits are pretty damn expensive

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Here's something really cool I learned today. Spacesuits are fucking expensive!

Approximately, 150 fucking million dollars to be more exact! And thanks to their price, NASA is still using the same suits since the Apollo missions, with the last suit being produced in 1974! And as we speak, NASA has only 4 suits that are space ready!

Watch the video below for these and more cool facts about NASA's spacesuits:


Does it come in black? I find the white ones stand out while in space. I'd rathe blend in

I guess that's why they're white. so you don't get lost in space.. :D

but getting lost IS the plan lol

Getting lost can truly be fun, but only when ur O2 aint limited.. :D

Space can be lame sometimes. Elon Musk needs to fix that O2 issue :D

Plants already fixed that issue ;)

NASA is a waste of space😁. Do they have a Darth Vader version. Then, I may be interested!

Χρονια πολλα!

Its pretty expensive. Wow. 150 million? It's too odd.


 2 years ago 

Testing to see if !ned is still a thing.

luckily I'll never need a spacesuit :D


This just blew my mind. I would've thought they were constantly upgrading and would essentially be cyborg grade tech by now.

I take it the Chinese don't supply them either lol. This is proper protective clothing unlike their cheap shit.

Wow that is expensive.

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