The Potato Harvest Started Good This Year!

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Of course I am not talking about regular potatoes but... sea potatoes! I just love collecting their washed out shells but they are typically super fragile so I usually end up finding only a couple in good condition every year.

Yet, yesterday when I went for my first swim with my wife and doggo, I found plenty of them, from mediocre to excellent condition. Thirteen to be more exact. My guess is that due to the quarantine the beach hasn't been cleaned yet, so that's why it was full of them.

In case you are not aware, sea potatoes are a type of hair-like urchin that lives burrowed in the sea floor. You can learn more about them over wiki if you like

Here's a video of a live specimen:

Oh yeah, thank you for your prayers

Hera is feeling so much better and it's all thanks to you! She has almost transformed back to a normal dog, lol.



Glad to see Hera is doing better. But speaking of (real) potatoes, they're very cheap in the markets nowadays, because of the surplus resulting from the COVID scare.

Heh, I try my best to keep consumption and demand up 🤣🙃

Of course I am not talking about regular potatoes

When I saw the first pic and haven't started reading the post I though what's this man talking about. They look quite odd I have to say. Do they taste good?
No bee today for the doggo?... Looks way better than yesterday.

Dunno, I know regular urchins are good though!

I saw seafood for the first time. They are very strange. I'm glad for Hera

Can these sea potatoes be actually edible for eating or consumption rather

Probably. I know regular urchins are edible, so they are probably too!

Sea potatos? What. The. actual. Fuck?!?!
Stick to !BEER dude

ps: glad Hera is fine again


With the picture I can really conclude that Your dog is absolutely improving..... Here everything is costly, more importantly foodstuffs it has gotten up to the hills. Potatoes goes for #700 here in Ilorin Nigeria instead of #400 per bowl. It hugely costly.

for a second I thought they were smashed baseballs lol

They do bear a resemblance, lel

Sea potatoes? Have only heard of or seen sea potatoes lol.

You get to see different things everyday..