Echidna 4 headed penis finally in High Def

in blog •  2 months ago  (edited)

I had made a post about it a couple years back, but back then I had only some low quality images and videos to show you guys...

But now thanks to Natgeo you have the chance to witness an echidna's 4 headed penis in all its glory in high definition. But wait, there's more!

There's also some hot footage of the poor creature peeing and pooping for all you scatlovers!

Ladies and gentleman, I present you the epitome of YouTube.


Can't wait for the 3D version!

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What? It has 4 poutsos?

4 poutsos is 4 pipes!

I can share 4 of my poutanes:) Wanna try?

Hey man, stop trolling this post.

Can I have the other 48? Just don't tell my wife

Prosoxi. It could just be a devious trap. Plus the other 48 are busy with me right now!

What kind of trap? Like a booby trap?

Maybe a dangerous circle-jerk. Be careful who you jerk with :P

Ha! My pants are so damn tasty! Your circle-jerking can't compare!

Πεθαίνω μαλακα


this gem has been shared on twitter

Seeing that you share on Twitter gives me pleasure, sexually.

I have the sexiest tweets

Wow. These girls are really living a life full of purpose :))

Best job in the world!

A handy one :))

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

She needs to meet my penis.

She can use a radio signal to track my penis too. What a coincidence 😆

Whip that lil needle dick out, lets see

You'll have ti give me 300 meters space at least. It's an electromagnetic dick, emits dangerous waves.

Nobody wants your micropenis bud.

That's not what your sister said.

The girls don't know if they should give it a BJ or feed it peanuts 😂🤣😂😍

Feed it like mummy birds feed their babies, kill two birds with one stone.

Triple pleasure.

Quadruple actually!

Amazing! I love your previous post about penises too. Thanks for providing that link.
You are Greek? I am too, well half, but I defied learning the language at Greek Sunday school.
I am very pleased to have made your acquaintance, and @ruth-girl too.

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Yes. Yes. Yes!

Let's end echidna abuse!

Image: © Kristian Bell | Shutterstock

Facts About Echidnas

According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the Western long-beaked echidna and Sir David's long-beaked echidna are critically endangered.

I'm afraid to click on the video (will I be swarmed with pop-up ads for penis products?), but thanks for this post. :)

Ok, I'm watching the video. OMG. The mono-hole, triple-functioning in the male....
Was Grumpy embarrassed by all this attention? We may never know. Did he regard it as "abuse?"
I'd say "Now I've seen everything," but there's always more. (Like the salamander who doesn't budge from his spot for seven years.) :)