Organic Textures & Patterns in Nature

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If you have ever been in nature, that has a glimpse of wilderness in it, I guess you are already feeling disturbed cause of this image and its violent ending of a living thing. However, it has some interesting texture and ever since I was a kid rings astonished me - and the thing that you can orient yourself and find North just by looking at the rings. If you didn't know, the side where rings have less space between them (compressed) is most likely to be north, it might be useful sometimes.

But now, onto something more chaotic, even more violent, but natural violence is kinda natural trees fall all the time, and open up some space for smaller trees as well as become food to lots of animals in the ecosystem. This one was probably ripped off by the storm.

Again, you can use moss and/or lichen to find North, well unless the forest is very dense and wet - it will stick to the northern side of the tree - to protect itself from the direct sunlight and drying out.

Don't know about you, but I just love the textures and shape these organisms form and take all over the forests... woods, stones, grounds - everywhere where fungi are present.

And for the end here is an old and suffered log as well as thirsty, dried and cracked skin of our mother Earth.

Respect nature, and life itself - so far the Earth is the only haven of life in this vast universe!

All photos are mine, © Svemirac.

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Yeah I am pretty much obsessed with the textures and patterns found in nature. That is what my alien art is exploring. I could probably make something cool out of this one, mind if I give it a whirl?

Please do, it would be my honor! :) I enjoy alien creations!

Also, you might want to convolve this one too :) not so centred tho :D

wow cool picture!

Very interesting photos, especially the second one. Nature does produce some neat and elaborate textures. That's not something that I think about often but it's quite cool so I should more often. Thanks for drawing my attention to nature

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I've always felt a deep and curious connection to trees as well @svemirac from a young age, which might explain my liking this post.

Speaking about fallen trees being food for the various small animals of the forest, they also give nourishment back to the earth itself from which they've taken it during life; and, become new earth upon breaking down over time :>)

I find the cycle amazing… (From dust-to-dust...) as I suspect you do as well.

Hope all is well with you.

I remember my youth days going into the local forest with my uncle to get the hummus (the blackest and most nutritive soil) underneath the old and heavily degraded stumps.

It's just amazing this organic life we have :)

It's amazing a bit pressurized but within limits!

Stay healthy!

Ciao, bella ciao... :D

Here's some of my tree reduced to soil compost in my garden :>) from leaves and branches...

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