Hidden colours of Ice

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Yesterday I saw @eveuncovered's post about ice and its structured, which immediately inspired me to share some old experimenty stuff with ice and polarized light.

When water change it state to ice it becomes solid body with a crystal structure on molecular level. Here are some crazy shots how colourful and amazing water can be, just in different aggregate state, and if you haven't see the liquified post you can check it here.

One of the things I really enjoy and love as being an astrophysicist/physicist is to actually see the Universe and every day objects in various light spectrums, from gamma rays over x-rays to radio waves - yes you can see beautiful images with radio antennas (after some mathematics and signal manipulations).

Enough of talk... enjoy some colourful stuff. For full resolution, click on the image.

For the end here is a video of crystal domain decomposition under polarized light or, as would normal human said... Melting ice. :)

All photos are mine, © Svemirac.

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The ice is fascinating… including snow:


Odličan je sneg!!! Pravo mi se svidja!

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