Can't cure you, but will ease your pain - It's holiness - the Wine

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While in Bendigo, we decided to visit one of the local wineries. It is an interesting and strange thing that the first idea and imagination of the winery would be probably a cellar with a very dump light and almost everything in wood. How wrong was I, on the contrary, it greeted us with plenty of light and metal construction, above ground with several AirConditioner which was off, since it was really cold that day.




I really loved the texture and the wine spills in the texture of the barrels as you can see it in the images below. It really gives it a nice rustic and mad touch.



We tasted about 7 different wines ranging from the nice one to the very impressive and elegant one - several award-winning and all that stuff.

Every bottle was followed up by a story about the ground where the vineyard was as well as the number of sunny days it was that year and other weather conditions - as well as the aging inside the barrels and pouring it into the glass.

It is interesting to taste two completely different wines - that came from the same winery, same soil, same type of wine - the only difference was in the harvest year and amount of sun it received (yes, younger one was nicer :) )

I see this song fitting :)

All photos are mine.


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I do not like wine, but in your very interesting story and experience I would become an alcoholic :D

One sip at a time! ;)

This wine tasting business is still on my wishlist. We do have a vineyard nearby in bangalore that I have been planning on visiting. Your post had made the visit more tempting.

He! Good to hear that! My recommendations! Go there, and send me a bottle of wine for tasting! :) :)


I was trying to find a picture for you of vineyards in Marlboro, NY. My uncle owned a country home there and used to make his own wine from a small vineyard on the property. He (all my mother's family) had immigrated from Sicily around the turn of the century (that is, 19th into 20th😁) and settled in New York City. They found in Marlboro the rolling hills that reminded them of Sicily. While I never saw wine barrels, I remember dusty wine bottles. A little bit of nostalgia your post evoked :)

Thanks for such a nice comment!
I'm glad my post/story touched at least one person - it gives me more confidence to post these kinds of stuff more. :)

Thanks a lot!

Oh yes, homemade wines is just awesome there is always that special feeling drinking something that you know who made it and usually it is always awesome!

Yes, post more blogs about these personal insights. People don't comment much. But I do :)

Have a wonderful day!

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Nice song

This wine tasting business is still on my wishlist. We do have a vineyard nearby in bangalore that I have been planning on visiting. Your post had made the visit more tempting.

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Wine tours are always a lot of fun. Especially because of the tastings. It is quite surprising how clean and state of the art they often are. Sounds like your tour was a lot of fun.

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