Why is there a cultural clash between people from different countries?

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Logically there is a culture shock when we travel and settle in another country, the things and customs we learned in our country of origin will be very different from the country we arrived in.

In such a culture shock we can experience different feelings in a process that can be explained in stages.

The first process is when we travel to another country with the illusion of seeking prosperity in the new country, but we are far from the reality, at first we see everything in the new country an order that surprises us, but once we see the reality that surrounds us we realize that there are things that should have priority.

The second stage begins in a period in which we realize the true reality, that is to say we see that everything is not as rosy as it was shown to us, people actually start to be more hostile, everything started to seem strange to us, we remember things from our country of origin and even our country of origin does not seem so bad to us.

Culture shock really begins when we have to enter into a process of adaptation under which everything is different from the place of origin, however the final process of this process is the adaptation, it is a long and complex process but undoubtedly those who leave their homeland must comply, and is the fact of adapting to be in a different cultural environment to the original one.


The world needs a mix of cultures. The world improves by different cultures trying different things. Imagine how bland the world would be if there was just one language and just one culture with every town a carbon copy of all the other towns. It would not be pleasant.

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