We will always be saturated with the memories of our childhood

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Once we are adults we begin to see life in a different way, with greater maturity and responsibility, but unfortunately with that lucidity many elements that made us happy are gone. A child is not only innocent because he does not know what he is doing, but also springs from his innocence that essence of infinite happiness, if only we would leave our worries behind and simply be like a child.

Every moment I live observing my daughter in her innocence, the way she plays and begins to distinguish the colors and the elements she manipulates, you can see that she learns with happiness, and it is then the moment when I say: "How nice it would be to go back to the childhood I walked through with so much joy and innocence".

How different the world would be if we compare the innocence of children, perhaps there would be no war, poverty, misery, desolation and universal sadness. Let us never forget that it is an honor to grow old but always remembering the beauties of our childhood.