Perseverance eventually overcomes talent

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Hello friends, certainly we give an extraordinary value to all those people who have an extraordinary talent, however without the need to demerit any person, either because they have talent or because they do not have it, there comes the circumstance where we end up giving more value to that person who does not have talent.

How can it be possible that we value people without talent?

It is important that we value the fact that a person without talent can achieve great things as long as they work with sacrifice, perseverance, perseverance and discipline.

What good is it to have a talent for some disciplines such as: music, painting, sports, cinematography, among others, if in the end by not having discipline, sacrifice, perseverance, if in the end we end up losing what gave us our precious talent.

On the other hand, we have as an example that person who does not have the talent to perform the discipline of your choice, however putting a little effort and strives to learn skills that improve their talent. Discipline makes him work hard so that the weaknesses of his talent are not seen.


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