Patience and wisdom as a motivational force

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We always talk about impulse when talking about motivation, but impulse can mean synonymous with dynamism, movement, but the reality from my perspective is that being motivated includes other elements contrary to the same philosophy of conceptualization of motivation.

Being motivated also implies serenity, patience and wisdom, when we wait our precise time for the fulfillment of our goals is because we are motivated, although it may seem contrary to what we think of motivation, being motivated implies knowing how to guard and wait.

Storms do not come into our lives and last forever, they leave a strong desolation, but at the same time they leave possibilities of a reconstruction based on learning, while we work to make everything better we motivate ourselves on the way, knowing that the recovery processes require patience and wisdom.

All the new elements that we find to motivate us are also an impulse to achieve infinite reasons to see that life is there before us, just waiting for us to activate it and take advantage of it in the best way while it lasts.