Analyzing obsessive thoughts from a psychological perspective


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The fact of having obsessive thoughts brings us problems of suffering that can go from having to go through stress to reach an anxiety that can take the human mind to extremes.

This is a problem that is a common denominator among the human thought, since perhaps some of us have had an unpleasant thought that no matter if it is unpleasant or not, it will enter repeatedly in our minds as many times as we want.

It is not just any thought that is going to come to l lover, if we analyze it from the point of view of obsession and tranquility, generally the thoughts that are going to repeatedly enter our minds, since it is very common that the mental contents that come in and out of our mind are memories that are associated with something we have done wrong and that we are ashamed of.

We can also think of things that have not happened yet, that are bad for us and that we believe may happen in the future, we must take into account that there are usually many things that we always have to do but we do not do it because we know that it will generate discomfort, however avoiding them generates anxiety, because sooner or later we will have to face them.

From my personal perspective I think that one way to combat anxiety for whatever reason, is to think about the fact that it is unnecessary to think about the things of tomorrow, even worrying about the most immediate things is a waste, it is best to be busy solving problems that are within our reach and living life in harmony and spiritual peace with our friends and family.