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Hello appreciated @robertoueti.

The statistics are inaccurate in nature. They are approximate values. Product of the application of formulas tabulated to a random sample.
The dilemma arises when we must define whether the sample is representative or not. This is a very subjective issue. From there the inconsistencies begin.

Added to this is the possibility of manipulating results. We see this very often in election seasons.

Never blindly believe in the statistics that are shown, always ask yourself how it was done, where the data comes from, and who the samples are.

This is a "Conditio sine qua non".

Thank you for your wise advices.

All best, Piotr.

Totally agree @crypto.piotr,
People nowadays just believe blindly in what they see in statistics and spread the lie to everyone. That is a huge problem that could bring huge consequences in our society.
Thanks for sharing.

Dear @robertoueti

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I always read all the comments that people writes to me.. don't worry heheh...

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Thats good to know. Seriously I dont see the degree as a big thing in our life. And even if you have the highest degree, they will ask for the experience. So there is always something more expected for the worker. Some people didnt finish schools, but they are better than other with a high degree, but nobody sees them or gives them a chance :(

I don't know if in your country have that problem, but in Brazil, if you wanna be a secretary for example, you need to be a degree of at least administration. That is insane!
Here in Brazil, we have a thing called inflation in knowledge section. If you don't have an university you will have a lot of problems to find a job. However, people who are working alone with their companies of a one man worker, have a lot of money because today the hand works have a huge value.

Yes we have the same problem in my country and if an adult wants to finish school or college after a while, there is no possibility. You feel somehow blocked and everybody is just looking for people with degrees without giving others chances to try their luck :(

That is really awful!
I think that we need at least a few years working as a prospect in some sector that we think that we like it to see if we really understand if we really want to work all our life with that.

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