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This is kinda cool. So it doesn’t have to simply be those UI I use, if I have another individual to support, promote, or credit, I can make them a beneficiary? I may have to use that feature sooner rather than later. I have some users - still trying to use truth be told - that I’ll put on this once they’re mature enough. I’ll use this to stash for @gamenight until then..

Right. Beneficiary settings can go to any Steem account that you want to support (or @null to burn Steem/SBD). It's almost like tipping, but you don't need to have any liquid steem and it doesn't have to come "out of pocket". It's also real easy to do in the steempeak interface. It has been very useful for me as I've made increasing use of it during the last few months. Not sure how easy or hard it would be in the other front-ends...

i'd definitely like to see the collaboration part expand for sure for this, like you could really empower a small group of people to build out much bigger projects if you were sharing the pot around. great read. thanks!

I had no idea! Great info @remlaps and I'm excited to try this!

I use beneficiaries quite regularly. I support @steempeak and a portion goes into another account for "savings". Occasionally I set it to @likwid to fund my daily SBI contests.

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