iPhone notes vs iPad📱

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While waiting until my computer finished rebooting to continue with online classes (by quarentena), I started looking for note-taking apps from my iPhone, I found two "apparently good" pay apps (I did not buy them), all the others had bad reviews, however, I decided to use the iphone "notes", it is practical to take simple notes or basic drawings; but, for more educational areas it is very slow and incomplete, in short, when taking notes from my mobile, I realized that I did not feel comfortable, even if I was using an 'apple pencil', (being a pro Max) I did not feel the comfort of using a blog of notes on my cell phone, it would be a waste of money!
🙋🏻‍♀️ I personally do not like taking notes from a laptop, I also find it uncomfortable, for now my notes are handmade (old fashioned😅)
🥺 all this made me want to have an iPad, and go digital! (also for the planet♻️)

⬇️I chose ‘DNA’ topic for "notes"

⬇️this is one of my handmade notes

🧬as a science student, there is a lot of information I must learn😅 and taking notes makes it easier.🧬
I'm in my first year of biotechnology, and you? 😘


The hand written one is much better. All the best with school

It could be better from a special app for notes using iPad, and thank you and for comment too 😘

My pleasure

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I love paper. It actually grows on trees. I prefer using Ubuntu over Apple or Microsoft.

Ohh that’s good to know