China's artificial sun......(Importance of technology)

in #bloglast year

Technology has made human life more congenial and quicker. Technology helps the man how to communicate, how to learn, how to think. With the help of various technologies, even a lay man is able to transform the debris into high calibre material. common man by his vast knowledge has changed the life by demonstrating the latest artificial sun made by China on Thursday which is five times more hotter than the real sun. The real sun strike a temperature of 15 million degree Celsius at its core whereas the Chinese artificial sun can strike a temperature of 120 million degree Celsius at its core which comes from organic matter already present on earth surface.


The aim of developing artificial sun is to produce unlimited spotless energy by imitating the natural reactions found within stars. This artificial sun could generate energy for so many years . It has lodestone ,,freezing frosting (super cooling ) properties.


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