Thoughts on 2020, Progress in 2021, Thoughts about the Future

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I've been off of Hive for some time now. In fact, I'm pretty sure the last time I made a blog post Hive didn't yet exist (it was Steemit - rest in peace Steemit). So this reintroduction is a bit awkward, like bumping into an old acquaintance that you were once very close to, but that you haven't bothered calling in years.

But there's no helping that if I'm to get back into the thick of it.

A lot is happening in the world, and I think a blockchain-powered blog is just the thing the doctor ordered for examining that world and doing what I can, what we can, to make something of it.

Just because it needs to be said : Dear God but was 2020 (and the first month of 2021) a shit show. The world really felt close to the brink there, with both the U.S. and the world seeming to hover on the brink of chaos.

But it wasn't all bad. Many of us have taken that time to hunker down and consider the value of our own time. The relentless machine of capitalism ground to a halt, and we had no choice but to look inward. Many of us did not like what we found.

But the sun rises tomorrow. And the next day. And with any luck, the next. The breakthroughs in technology of almost every sort have been staggering in the meanwhile, and I absolutely cannot wait to talk about them.

Hello again, Hive. How've you been?



The future... we will be "more obedient dogs" unless we shift the current mind state that has 9 out of 10 people responding to order follower virtues like slaves, not free beings... There will be very little freedom and our human rights will come 2nd to all political campaigns.