HIVE crashing! Bitcoin Crashing! All my stocks crashing! My 401K Crashing! What I'm going to do!

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Lets me start this as, I am not a legal or investment advisor so take this as words from a fellow investor and nothing more. Sorry for the doom and gloom title but it's true. I hadn't used the Hive network in a long time, like a year. I jumped back in and it was around $2.50. I watched it crash down to $1. I was like well that's bad but $1 seems OK. It's at $0.50. Seems like it's looking real bad. I want to tell you something. I'm not scared and most of you should be either. Let me tell you some positive things.


  1. You don't lose anything if you don't sell (I have the added bonus that I have never spent a cent buying crypto, I have mined it and created it through stake and reward!) I have only exchanged crypto for cash a few times, and I felt dirty doing it every time and regret it after.


  1. You shouldn't see any reasonable investment as a short term goal. A lot of my gains were after the crash from Covid. I chose not to sell anything when everyone was going crazy, I held and took a break. I came back to accounts that were at $50 being worth $5000. Do the same. If the news is stressing you out, turn off the tube and take a break, don't sell. Crypto is fluid and always changing, At one point I was making equivalent of $20 a day on STEEM from curation bots, a month later it went down to $1 to almost nothing. And has fluctuated between that for years. Nothing stays the same forever. There is no such thing as get rich quick or a guarenteed income from investment.


  1. No matter how they try, no one can stop crypto. Unless you turn off the internet forever or shut down the power forever, it's always going to be there. There use to not be easy ways to exchange crypto for cash, but it was still done. I had no way to exchange crypto in the beginning and I just exchanged it for gold and video games. I don't want to think how much that humble bundle really costed me in 2013, but it's comforting to know it can never be worth $0.


  1. If you are consuming something that is making you angry, scared or otherwise negatively emotional, stop. I realized I spent half my time on Facebook and Twitter arguing with people. The other half I was doom scrolling and not learning anything, creating anything or making money. I quit to do literally anything else. People still give me crap that I don't use mainline social media, but I'm so happy without it. I wish I had more interactions with people in places like this, but I know this is a launchpad for me to vent creativity instead of connect. Again, if the information stream is pissing you off, go somewhere you can be positive. Look back in in a bit to see if the water has settled.


  1. Money isn't everything. I don't post on here to make money. I post on here to have fun and maybe build wealth along the way. I have never powered down STEEM or HIVE in the 6 years I've used the platforms. I originally funded my accounts with LTC that wasn't doing anything but sitting in a wallet. Look how much I've created with that investment. I use HIVE to have fun, you should too. It shouldn't be a career for most, but it should be a hobby for most. Even if it was a money stream for me, money is not that important. I was making a huge amount of money and had a kid. I realized I needed to quit because I spent 60 hours a week working and never saw my kid. I went back to school for a bit and spent more time at home, working odd jobs making nothing. Financially it was a bad 3 years until I had a second kid and decided to go get a real job again. Those 3 years I was financially struggling, I've never been more happy. Find more in life than money.


Stay positive everyone, it's just numbers. They change and stuff.

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Awsome article, i actually hope there will be a time where you simply don't have to sell. That you can pay with crypto for the daily stuff and the dollar price simply doesnt matter.

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