Benefits of Books

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Hi Steemit friends. Just thought I'd share this with you. At the rate that the internet is taking over our way of life this thing we call a book might become obsolete and a relic someday.


Aside from the benefits listed in the photo above I would like to include "No Harmful Radiation" which is a very important and distinct advantage over tablets or cell phones or computers.


This is a much debated topic nowadays whether or not wi-fi really emits radiation which can eventually cause cancer or other diseases. But that's a topic for another day. Suffice to say that exposure to wi-fi has the same dangers as being exposed to vehicular exhaust or cigarette smoke especially if held close to the head as in answering a call.

Another benefit of books is for self-defense. It's a great weapon to hit a mugger or bully so you can buy time to be able to run away from the scene ha ha.

Thanks for dropping by. Just wanted to end the day with some fun and laughter. Photos unless specified are courtesy of Pixabay.


In an emergency books can have an higyenic use that ebooks haven't. ;-D

By Jove how could I possibly have missed that? You are absolutely correct!