Pluralsight Journey : An Overdue Journey Started.

in #blog2 years ago

I'm going to make this a pretty quick post because I currently have around 3% charge left on my device 😂.

I have always wanted to start and be a part of the revolution technology has seen come to fruition over time.

I applied to study computer science twice some years ago but due to some financial setbacks then, I couldn't afford to pay after notification of my admission.

I had to continue working all kinds of odd but legitimate jobs until I opted in for Civil Engineering. But that computer related field fire has always burn within.

A few days ago I signed up for Andela tech training with PluralSight and google to study Android development and I'm already immersed in the lessons.

I will be sharing the little I learn daily. Although it is quite time consuming but I believe it will be worth it as I have seen so far.

I may likely make a follow up post after charging my device later this evening.