How can emotional vulnerability affect us?

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To understand how vulnerable we can become, we must understand that when we are not able to withstand a very big stress is because we are being vulnerable to the environment around us, so a quick detection by ourselves as affected can save us from greater evils.

Negative emotions are the reflection of what happens to us from an environment that we can consider hostile to us, so if these emotions from an environment affects us is because we are being vulnerable, this state of vulnerability is a state that should not afflict us, since the solution is to describe and know how to take a correct reading of the situation and thus not show us so vulnerable to what is affecting us.

In conclusion and analyzing the emotional state of vulnerability I can say that emotional vulnerability should not necessarily be assumed by us as a purely negative aspect, because in life not everything is negative or all positive, if we scrutinize well, some aspects of life will get good things and bad things, for example if we take as an example that a person who is emotionally vulnerable is certainly exposed and emotionally discovered, but the good thing is that this same vulnerability allows that same person to better link with himself and with others around them.