Elon Musk owns Twitter, now what?

in #blog5 months ago

After a prolonged will he won't he scenario surrounding the Twitter purchase and a court case, Elon Musk now officially owns Twitter (along with his investors, of course).

But, what next?

The MAGA morons have been creaming their pants over the thought their con artist cult leader Donald Trump will be allowed back onto Twitter. At this point, who cares anyway?

In his first act, Elon fired the CEO, the CFO and head of legal policy, trust and safety. Executives that people will struggle to muster up an ounce of sympathy for considering they'll be compensated for their exits undoubtedly.

The concern from some is that Elon Musk will turn Twitter into some nazi right wing social media platform. You could argue that nothing good comes out of catering to one side and silencing the other. It just causes fragmentation and further divide.

If Trump does return, it will be interesting to see what advertisers and shareholders do in response. After the recent events surrounding January 6, Trump has become radioactive again.

Another name I haven't seen mentioned much is Alex Jones. Is Musk going to bring him back too?

Really, I couldn't give a damn whether any of these crazies return to Twitter. I'm more interested in this mysterious X app Elon is developing and whether he leans into blockchain to achieve it.