Some gibrish about some mind controling groups


I may not be perfect in my imagination of connecting the dots or I am saying what I am is ultimate, I am just saying things that I am trying to understand and sometimes I understand when I write or draw or some creative process and even while I am hard for long and with nice joint and tools and a companion around one man can understand many things but how useful it is or how you use it is up to you, for me information is important to understand things and important to validate my reality in this whatever it is, I may not understand or may not use my understanding for a purpose which is not even my purpose. I think and like to understand about whichever topics come let it be about human evolution or dick whatever topics come with the flow goes with the flow when it happens I like to keep some data in whichever form I can and some thoughts and emotions, I don't even know is that even mine or why it flows. so try to use and validate information accordingly try to keep it as real as possible.

Imagine, power and technology which is used to control the brain and behavior given to ppl who not open-minded to understand at least the basic human biology and psychology who will never give a shit humanity and its not their fault they're not evolved and trained to do a certain thing by following set of patterns, the Manchurian candidate technology, and tricks might have been a thing of 1940s in the US, but its the most modern happening thing in small developing countries and the ppl or groups who are going to use it to perfect brainwashed humans, I am kind of sure these groups or some secretive departments who are making sure to use similar techniques to make their team, soldiers whatever names these groups call themselves. their team members are equally have been living in the same conditions as their victims, they one very clear thing is their best team members are single child, an only child in the family or an emotionally troubled kid who is easy to make them targets, once you are the target if that person is not bad they will make sure they will turn him or her according to their doubt or they need or bad ppl so they can fight against once they trap you to do all kinds of stuff they will not let you return to normal, if you try to, they will make sure use all the dirty tricks to be right, how can they afford to be wrong in front of public or superior.

imagination time, imagine in the 40s or 50s government invented mind-controlling tech with the help of R&D wants to promote something to control the public for good or bad according to era ppl who handling all these to manipulate thoughts do to that they need test subjects who are easily available subjects are the ones who are sworn to protect the government and their laws blindly without a doubt? our military and government employees. since not all government employees are easily available is military and police departments, were easily available because they are already programmed to follow orders so if you tell a group of a soldier there is secret confidently program to enhance the abilities or follow orders, soldiers are happy and a group of soldiers becomes the first test subjects they all are already aways from home away from their natural-born environment and many will be easy to target for experiments, once these scientists have done with them, then criminal the one's potential targets. so the tech got invented and works on military now time for their public and they already know the psychology of the public, entertainment is the most happening thing and its easy to promote an idea through a large canvas of entertainment so government mind control group wants someone who is best in the silver screen hires or manipulates a director to join them and train them and controls his brain through the same tech, and makes the director take movies according to them maybe someone like Kubrick, he might have been an easy target because he was blindly ambitious and might have easy fell for the power and technologies which might have helped him to be perfect his Art,
Same Mind controlling tech, goes in the hands of the Film industry, how will they use it, they might not have the same understanding as to the scientists who invented it, so the film industry should follow the set of rules to make the tech work so no matter what they will not evolve with the tech like the scientists who invented it, and remember our scientists are also don't have the complete understanding about the technology or the tech itself is not the final product everything will be evolving so the tech is not fully understood by the creators itself but ends up in the hands of ppl who are using it by a set of rules.

Only creators will understand the emotional fuckups created by these new groups with these powerful techs. I am very sure many might have abused to prove they are right and for self-pleasure.
Now time for the small screen where viewers or hungry for entertainment from sitting in their sofa easiest way to manipulate or prove any idea is right or wrong since Kubrick showed it in the most realistic ways by illusion now things got more thrilling mystery possibilities to become endless, the way to space travel and humans reached moon also now public and Television are inseparable they become a part of the human body and the main source was antenna nothing else apart from one or two-channel and the government is already a hero we went to moon life is thrilling and t.v gods words no matter what the say will be a final word no matter what's behind the scene,
Now the Mind controlling Tech is with media still in 70s n 80s and its obvious once you spend money you need to profits and help the ones who gave them the tech so they have to cover whatever they say so it all becomes the web, tools to creates an illusional reality, this is matrix created by few humans knowing or unknowingly we humans have created an illusion reality about how society and human beings should live, the only way to is to fix it is by being true to yourself and others and don't let others fool you through fancy marketing mediums try to see the truth from different perspectives and try to be reasonable with the person and try to understand what you might have done if you were in his place and again it's according to what life style or ideas you were grown up so try to use common sense.
Now 90s some other countries are also developing and thinks US or UN are like aliens super powers of all the countries so which ever developing countries is ambitious these groups goes gives all the goodies, techniques and technology, but everything has it price we will teach you the dirty secrets techniques to control the public and our developing countries will flip 360 as soon as they hear an offer from so called devloped country( there is no fuckin country or human who is fully devloped or evolved fully) so our learder of the country becomes like a puppet and for the richs behind handling our leaders or even happy more more money we will sell anything everything you just name it and its your developoing coutries got to be part of something bigger without even relizing they became a slave to them now they will get everything in cheap from us from salves laboures and all top of the pros will want to settle in thier country and thier country will become even great and no matter what they will profit and the technology they will give is beta version and they will version 10.0, and to use the beta version developing countries are equally not educated also not evolved to understand the techniques they have to follow the rules given like its from the creator itself. same techniques catch a filmmaker train a filmmaker move the agenda since our filmmakers are not like Kubrick nor its 70s to manipulate with the latest tech we still can't go to the moon are controlled completely public so the evolution of mind control might have reached maybe version 1 or 2 and ppl using it might have been using with some kind of instructions given in some developing countries some filmmakers, media, gangster or department( gangster and department same mentality no matter what topic you talk they will only try to find wrongs and loopholes, hardcore criminal minds with no emotions or understanding about love few other emotions which I can't recall now.) The way they use their techniques is as lower the nation is developed or evolved or educated or mature or budgets the techniques and ways to handle things will be lower than any humanitarian values worst than any animals social structure of any civilized societies.
so from one country to another now in the 2020s, it should have spread to almost every country in the world, and according to the resources and knowledge so the web of this matrix is so fucked up in all the values of humanities that they won't even know how to fix it in 100 years because the inventors the one who created the techniques might be dead without even understanding the complete effects of it in the society.

how many years will a fake illusional world will you live in for once you get used to the illusions you need to come back to reality maybe for another 100 years we might make even great illusions to cover up this illusion but the point of creating a perfect society or a human being is nearly not possible if that has to happen evolution has to stop evolving and earth should stop spinning so there won't be anything on earth to evolve including the earth itself. so if developing countries are thinking they have understood everything about human emotions or humans to predict their action accordingly or by controlling minds will make a perfect human societies think again and see below the glam and glitter you will understand its a bipolar nation and its gets out of control or at least in the way public seeing and not everything is good as it looks on the internet only good and beautiful can be remembered easily no country is perfect everything is evolving and will evolve.

Some groups may have got these techniques and techs like religious leaders or gangsters or cop or filmmaker and the task is to make me gangster because they need some characters thrilling daring or fuckdup according to their need they will try to model me, if they fail they will not get paid and after wasting 10years trying to make someone according to their will they fail what will he answer to the public or his superior and they will have lot of other things to prove. My theory if these group could not change that person or control that person the way they wanted, mainly because this guy was not guilty in the first place might or falling for narration might have done some immature things or acting according to his surroundings society thinking he was right maybe, so they could not change him now they have to use techniques to destroy the subject, by inducing self-destruction, techniques or whatever resource they have to make look like all-natural. every one have self destruction in themselves an option to self shut down these groups uses these kinds of emotional triggers to get the work done they are hollow, they might have not even experince real emotions like love for them love means what is showen in the movies or narrated by the society, so a boy falls in love and gets married and settle love story end in 2hrs, in some case 2 times man will fall in love but in real its not true specially if the person you love is not real and faking for long you cant love that person untill its true love rest all just compramise for survival, or does not connect to you emotionaly cant last long if you dont know what is real love feels like and its not the feeling which is there 24hrs 365days and to show or prove you love some the love is there always need not to prove every one hour thats not love thats obsesion does not mean you never show real love will find its ways to express itself but be realistic understand human biology also, the love for your family n friends is diferent for your pets is different and for your wife or lover is different it all may have small chemical reactions but the intensity and reasoning may be different. it's sad some these ppl I feel sad for them they have not experienced some of the real emotions in their real forms it's all manipulated according to few groups every boss will have their boss to whom they have to report and show their work so anything and everything they will do to keep doing there jobs no matter its right or wrong and ppl are always with the crowd who has the power of the narration. these mind-controlling techniques are so evident, you can see the connection so clearly. like Nicola tesla was the perfect target he was alone and wanted to change the world and like to be private and a Russian who will be scared?obviously, US Government so they fucked him up, now current age its mostly famous ppl like mike Tyson he was famous and powerful and mentally and physically strong never gave a shit about being politically right and he was a man who enjoyed and loved women so how to fix a man hire a prostitute or well-trained agents who are trained and brainwashed to fix him up and sent him to jail and change their sexual preferences if possible, or give him so much fear and pain he should break and become soft and public friendly, same with Tupac and recent times I guess its Kanye west, these guys stand apart from other mind control subjects because they tried hard not to be controlled or hard to control so these gangs showed their extreme tricks to make someone act according to them. these groups are doing their job to survive without even realizing controlling so much and trying to keep society perfect is stupidity in the long run once humanity reaches its next evolution these groups will look stupid and cruel to humanity perfect cancer-killing some of the leftover white cells which may be the cure, you'll understand if you see your self from above, imagine your watching someone from the space station and you see whenever someone real and being human who is doing things according to nature happily living and loving his emotions and talking accordingly who is been by himself and groups of so-called protectors are making someone according to their ideas and to prove it they will go any extent even to destroy the subject. I see a lot of positivity in these groups also there should be a group which is trying to make someone's life better by targeting them and giving them options according to their skills and ambition but the catch for them is they have to promote ideas and thoughts of these groups, which I recently noticed a girl called tejeswani something very weird like her interests and her behaviour or kind of a personality which is more like a machine and scripted especially the thought about nature and the idea and the cause she is fighting for is very weird she should be for sure some targeted individuals she might have gone hell on earth to achieve what she is now, she might have sacrificed her entire natural process and made her self so mechanical and scripted and its so clear with many upcoming artists or ppl who are overly blindly ambitious to achieve something in their life and most of them are single child the only child in the family or who is desperate for love sex or dopamine addicts countless other reasons. so the conclusion is that when these groups don't achieve what they want from their subject why they have to push them for self-destruction which is nothing cruel than that or a crime then that if keep setting wrong examples to control the public.

humans are evolving, changing most of the public is getting smart by day by day because information and knowledge easily available and ppl will want real proof of things they talk about or preach about in the future fooling the public will be difficult. and what if the techniques and technology fall in the wrong hands they may end up creating zombies and fuck it up for the whole civilization or earth.

Elon musk is showing the tech of neuro link the whole is the skull feels like 70s tech or R&D of the US gave some old tech for commercial purpose once if that product will launch every 10yrs or 5yrs the hole in skull will reduce and maybe after 50yrs it will become wireless and there will be the product which will work your computer or mobile.
I feel the same kind of vibes it's like the same connection Kubrick and Elon have with the goverment I may be completely wrong with my imaginations but it's just a feeling. I like him so it's only for entertainment thought process maybe and maybe he even has few clones. who knows what kind of techs is behind some secret bases.

These techniques and tech is been misused and there is no one earth powerful enough or educated enough to stop it when it's been misused or she or he does not give a shit how it's been used in other countries or you should be scared to admit you're wrong. any which ways you all are not evolved and the smartest ppl after all just using the same old techniques and following order without the right motive or you all are seriously so dumb and have no free will left or emotions left to know the difference btw right or wrong, and if after knowing the truth still ignorant because once the rules are set we will not change because we in the highest level of hypocrites and illiterates who will not change or don't know a simple way to change the rules we set.
whatever my faith is I don't care much anymore I don't even know what I am anymore, but hope your kinds will evolve and do the right in the future or to someone else if you see someone is doing wrong or misusing tech on a larger level and your ones of them watching knowing its wrong but still do it anyway because your part of the gang or group its real stupidity of humanity. I can only imagine some of the pain those victims might have gone through.
For a long nothing happened mainly because did not affect me because my conscience was clear and the cause was for good and I did not kill anyone nor cheated an innocent with knowingly whatever I did was because of the circumstance nothing hardcore shit for that I had to go through so much emotional melodramatic life, I had to go through and only because of thoughts if had to judged and punished or molded according to the so-called perfect society what kind of example are we trying to set or what kind of unrealistic reality we are creating if a person knows lots of subjects and has a crazy imagination his thought process will be crazy he may think every possible scenario about a topic let it be good or bad. according to my knowledge and experience, my thought process will be.

If I had to be judged based on how I behave with someone who is trying to fuck with y brains or not be sensible to have a normal conversation, or how I treat a girl or women who is trying to show fake emotions or falling for the ones who had the only goal was to break the heart so few can be benefited or if I had to be judged because the way I thought to get serious with my so-called wife after knowing she is not even real love. or for craving for real natural organic women and love btw men and women. then so be it this will be the stupidest civilization in the solar system. I feel guilty for many things but nothing significant for which I have to kill myself but still, I have thoughts that are even weird when I was trying to understand the reason behind such thoughts I found that I am guilty only for doing wrong by family, I have put them in a lot of troubles mostly unknowingly and some girl whom I might have hurt by not understanding or acknowledging and maybe few boys who were good to me I might have treated however I don't remember treating nice ppl in wrong ways and I won't be able to please everyone I met in my life so I don't have a valid reason of being guilt so I have to repent for so many years or how many more who knows, wish it ends or changes which I doubt, I still got some free will and good emotions left if you all manage to kill that il be ready for self-destruction or mercy killing kill me in my sleep finish this melodramatic fuckin life and continue with new subjects.
some group leaders are so funny they get so attached to the subject and forget about the real purpose of their life and continue acting like some achievers who have done great deeds to society by wasting 10 years all the time and resource on someone just to prove what god knows, how even such brains works I wonder whats the point of all this only he should understand or maybe he won't even think about it I guess or he should have understood not all are driven by money or some fake unrealistic motives nor fall for glitter and glamour if I want to fall also I can't and if I did also I will back up again to reality because once you go natures ways only real stuff becomes in long run,
I know there were few good options also but when you have doubt about the main source whatever comes from it also gets doubtful especially when that person is isolated and targeted who is still knows he was at good conscious. I appreciate and hate the way you handled my case. Man am fucking fearless because I don't do anything wrong or I feel like doing anything wrong your might have been a winner or a true leader if I was on the wrong side, if I do or did anything I might have done wrong which might have been wrong according to societies terms or according to your teaching from your profession but I might do right according to on humanity basis to be such way I should not belong to any group or cause who will try to teach me what's right or wrong I already know which I don't think it's easy to understand so hopefully one day maybe you will realize there is more to life then some set of rules. some are intelligent for no particular reason not necessarily they have to or will use it for some gains.

ok now just because I understand or talk about things of changing the world fck no I don't fit in among ppl with fake agenda nor I have the same energy thanks to a few ppl they made sure I stay like this way and I know the issue in me to fix that I need fix my heart and I have no fucking idea how it will happen. so the side effects of these mind control programs or trying to fix the one right guy by 100 wrong ones is the stupidest idea does not work on all. peace off