I finally got an e-book reader!

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I finally bought an e-book reader and it's arriving tomorrow! I am actually super excited about this.

I had plans to buy one for s very long time, I love reading. I think it's a family thing tho. My grandparents own a huge library and my dad and well. I haven't count it but I do believe we have more than 2000 books at home. 2000 sounds like a small number. I also like buying books. Specially the tech ones.

For some reason I spent a lot of time not buying it. Not sure way, I guess I still like that smell of new when opening a book. Also, I think there are some books that I will keep buying, just because they are insanely beautiful.

Something that made me buy it is that u haven't bought any "tech" product lately and the feeling is not good. It's always good to buy new tech and keep yourself up to date with these things.

Another interesting thing is that when I say e-book reader people look at me somehow weird. LOL. They called it Kindle. But kindle is just the brand from Amazon. This happens a lot in my home country, we just name things based on the brand not the real name of the product.

Anyways, I am super excited about it and I have huge plans for it. The first thing I want to implement is maybe a software or "something" that would allow me to export quotes or notes from the books - everything in Python. Do you know of something similar done like this?

What else can I do with Python and my new Kindle?



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