Daily most-followed Hive accounts, November 01, 2021

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Over 2 million people all around the world are now using HIVE. It is yet not comparable to the amount of poeple on other social media platforms (approx. 1 billion on Instagram) - but if you think about it, that is still a LOT of people and the community is ever growing!

We all now that have is different from any other social media platform. It is built on top of blockchain technology, that is already a huge advantage over any other app. However, at the end of the day it is still a social media platform. We come here, because we want to connect with people across the globe with like-minded interests.

I have always been passionate about social media metrics, but only from the perspective of trying to understand what is good quality. Of course I am not that naive to also see the difference between trendy and good. Hive is a good social media platform to measure this. At the end, we get rewarded for good content - or at least we try to mediate that.

One of the ways social media accounts are analyzed to present insights is through growth. Growth can be measured in many different ways: through impressions, engagement, replies or followers, among others, and it shows the change of a metric. Measuring metrics can allows us to make decisions regarding our content: was this a good post or not? How can I make my content better?

The interesting aspect about HIVE is that with growth comes power, or in better words - the Hive Power. With hive power we can basically estimate how much influence the user has over the hive network. Therefore, the more power you hold, the more you are going to be able to influence other people's posts or comments' value.

I started getting into Hive about a month ago, and this is quite late when you actually see people whose influence you couldn't imagine to have. However, how did they get there?

I want to slowly track the growth of users in this platform - over time. I don't believe in the "do this and you will become the most influencial person in the world" or "get famous in just one click". I want to track who are people following who and potentially why?

I believe in this platform as a way to gather insights about good content and I trust on people's decisions on who to get inspiration from. I will be sharing the most followed hive accounts on a daily basis to have an idea about this.

Here are the most-followed Hive accounts for Novemeber 01, 2021:


accounttotal followers

Interacting with each other keeps the platform ALIVE ❤️


It is rather shocking to me to see my name on your list! It's an honor to be there.

 last year 

Well done Melinda!

Thanks Asher! It happens everytime I host a Ladies of Hive contest! 💖

:D I hope it motivates you (and others as well) to keep it up!

Thank you for the update :)

You aree welcome :D

Cool to make it to the most followed account list at least for a day 😀

I can only say: Keep up with the good work you are doing in the platform!

Your content has been voted as a part of Encouragement program. Keep up the good work!

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