Blockchain is solution to the clash of civilizations

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"Clash of civilization”
It is an expression uttered by "Samuel Phillips Huntington" - United States political scientist (1927-2008)after the world war ended. We are indeed looking for a new form to create a new civilization that should indeed be better, so that death does not occur in history as expressed by Francis Fukuyama.

Today I am very confident about that, and block chain is one of the solutions to form a new human civilization that is expected to make life and the future better, it still needs a process and time for people on this earth to understand, study, and applying it correctly and correctly is useful for all.


Technological developments can replace a lot of jobs, such as robots and various machines that have replaced human jobs. Likewise with the work of accountants, at this time accountants in this world are already worried that they will lose their jobs because there are so many applications that can be used to replace their jobs. The task that can be done in the end is just administrative work, no longer thinking, it only helps to enter data to be directly processed by various existing applications. This technology can be applied in all sectors, including government and is very efficient, no need to waste a lot to pay people to work. Even this is not realized by many, and it will be too late to complain and protest about not having a job in the future, even though there are many other factors that affect the number of job openings.

Then, do we have to reject this technology in order to survive and get a job? Of course not, because this technology is also the work of human thought which is actually created to have the ability to think. The development of technology itself is evidence of human civilization, and of course we do not want to become human beings who are left behind by not being able to follow the development of technology itself. Then, what is the positive side that we should pick and what should we do to respond to all this?

Consciously realized, admittedly not recognized, only humans can think by using the logic of the brain and heart to be able to produce ideas and works that are purely the result of our own thinking. Humans are also given the opportunity to choose, whether they want to think and use these two logics in order to succeed in producing something that is useful and beneficial to all as God's most perfect and civilized creation, or just to think about how to eat, drink, have a home and all needs as form of survival? What is the difference with animals that also only use instinct to survive and pursue what they need for it? All have their own risks and consequences, there is no need to force, because the Creator has never forced. Sincerity and sincerity are very important, and will be far more useful than anything forced.


Technological progress is developing because it is based on what has been done before, including any mistakes that have been made. Blockchain itself appears to find solutions to problems in the financial system and the economy in the past, including all the problems that arise from a centralized system that is proven not to make life better. The gap between the rich and the poor is getting bigger, and the opportunity for people to get prosperity, express ideas and opinions, and get the truth and freedom to choose is lost. The democracy and human rights that have been heralded so far have failed, because it is proven that it is only a political tool to gain power. Humans are increasingly losing their own ethics, always demanding rights without ever wanting to take responsibility for their obligations first. Greed and greed are rampant everywhere. The human side was gone, various humanitarian programs were used just to get something. This is what then makes the people behind the blockchain and also want to pursue this blockchain thinking hard how to get the best solution so that humans can really become fully human.

Another example on Steem blockchain, we are given the freedom to choose to determine which path is actually best for ourselves and all. We can choose to remain a plagiarist, spread hoaxes, and spam or maintain our own dignity by being people who try to be as original as possible and produce fruitful work from the heart and mind. After all, it's better to give than to have to ask, but still it's all a choice, want to be forced like anything can not. Need self-awareness to understand, all have their own risks. Just don't ever expect that there will be change if you still don't want to change yourself, and don't ever talk about goodness and virtue if you don't care and only think about yourself. All will return to yourself in the end.

We can no longer just say the words and then ask people to believe just like that, all must be proven by behavior and actions. We are headed for the Industrial Revolution 4.0 era, so it is time for us to think ahead, not just to talk a lot and to be preoccupied with all the misleading intrigues. Want to go forward ?! Study and do good!

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Thanks for sharing. I'm with you all the way. Have you read @matrix-8's post which details his system to connect humanity with multi-level governance?

I talk about it my recent My Quest to save the world post and link to it within.

I would love to receive feedback and for you to join me in my quest.