🍴The Fork (21) - What the Fork Are You All Talking About? 🍴

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HF21 reminds me about this one....

I was writing this more or less during HF20 and after the desaster was totally sure this will not ever going to happen, the downtime, the drama - but lessons learned. A Hard Fork simply something you can not plan and test it seems enough.

Reminder HF20/21 preview

What the Fork? What is a Fork?? WTF!!??

Think my first real fork I was experiencing was HF16 or was it the small one mom was forcing me to fork the Italian long pasta :-)? For the new Steemians I strongly encourage you to check @steemitblog and the hashtag "hf20" or now HF21 - we did it! for all details in terms of technology and user benefits. There are tons of posts out there telling you what to expect! I try to be funny only - exciting to see what happens today. I have strong trust and patience in the guys running that.

Sources: Pixabay, Erin La Rosa/ BuzzFeed


Hahaha! Good ones! Now on to HF22

Question @melinda010100 - on which Frontend did you see that post?

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@eSteemapp it's pretty much the only one I use.

May the Fork be with you hehehe.
Welcome to HF21, I used busy for posting this.

Great- me too - Strange the post is Not visible in steemit Frontend

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