Steem Killer Project? Re-writing the History Books?

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Twitter Poll


Re-writing the History Books.!!

Recently, I decided to run a poll on twitter to see how many people thought the impact of #Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology #dlt would have on re-writing the History Books.

The tweet reads...


#Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology is on course to completely re-write the History Books. Agree?

#blockchain #dlt

Though only 51 have voted, it's encouraging to see that most people agree.!!

If this Poll is correct and it's agreed that #Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology #dlt will have an impact on re-writing the History Books, is #Steem sat on a Killer Project?

I think so.

....and I am confident to say that it probably doesn't even realise yet.!!

If you are on twitter, please feel free to cast your vote.

Thanks again for reading.


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Sera reescrita la historia y posiblemente sea el primer paso de los que vienen, gracias por compartirlo @stephenkendal

Hola @stephenkendal, es genial todo apunta a que viviremos en un mundo mejor en corto tiempo, y tantos problemas económicos solo quedaran en los libros de historia.


Hello @stephenkendal, it's great everything points to live in a better world in a short time, and so many economic problems will only remain in the history books.

Quizás cambie o quizás no, pero lo seguro es que marcara la pauta para una nueva historia que cambiara el paradigma usado hasta ahora amigo @stephenkendal

Steem Killer or Steem Chiller :)))