Killer Project?

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Killer Project?

Is #Steem sat on a Killer Project that it's probably totally unaware off?

I think so.

In fact, I am that confident, I would go as far to say that I know so!

Thanks again for reading.


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Any hints? lol

I don't see anything in particular, not anything that isn't done already by other - non blockchain- tech.
But I'm not a techy either, in fairness.

Any hints?


It's media related.

Both Social and Mainstream.

...and No.

It's not already being done.!!


Mmmmm...nope, still no wiser, I'm afraid.
Are you letting the cat out of the bag, or keeping it to yourself? lol

(I'd choose the latter , if there is coin to be made)

any details?

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If it really is, it should be a slow and tedious process, since it is not even noticed when @stephenkendal...

Si en realidad es así debe ser un proceso lento y tedioso, ya que ni se nota estimado @stephenkendal