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RE: When In Doubt? Blame Capitalism

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I wouldn't call your brand of being informed at all Icke'ish but I'm by no means a good barometer for sanity..

It's worth noting that having a decent grasp on the geopolitical socioeconomics can make one feel like a crazy person, because well there is no shortage of illogical twisted manipulations within those systems. Nobody ever said, getting nearly 8 billion, soon to be 10 billion people that think they have unique needs and wants, when in actuality we all want the same things to function adequately.

I mean that's a helluva goal to just have a civilization that can meet the most base level survival necessities, water, shelter and food. Realising that we as a society are failing to provide these things make attaining decent healthcare, education, technology, public works, and wealth distribution the stuff of fantasy..

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It makes me sick to see how many people just have these blinkers on!

Like fine if you want to be ignorant and do nothing about your situation but then don’t sit and complain about your shit!

Don’t dismiss the actual reality but create a reality that suits your bullshit.

8 Billion people is not something any centralized planning can handle in my opinion!it will continue to fail more and more people but the lengths at which people are willing to accept this system regardless of how bad it gets is near infinite

Throws a wrench in the necessity is the mother of invention thing eh? Complacency kills and fear will only inspire people just enough to cause them to scurry into a huddled mass where there’s a false sense of security. Strength in numbers or fish in a barrel ?

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