Energi Crypto Review – Ingredients for a Champion spot result!

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Energi is a decentralized cryptocurrency with a vision of mass adoption. Energi was a no ICO project and it was not pre-mined also. Energy was designed to have a strong Treasury and Masternodes incentive system. Energy Treasury is 4 times greater than Dash, Decred and PIVX. It is truly decentralized and Masternodes vote about direction of funds. The project believes in generating great values in return of investment.

Energi was conceived by Tommy World Power in 2017 and it was forked from Dash. It was created to generate a self-sufficient, powerful and economically-optimized cryptocurrency. Robust smart contract capabilities & true decentralization was its motto. Energi saw the light of the day on April 14th, 2018 and it has over 50 active contributors now.

Energi has a robust & professional roadmap. It includes information of all completed tasks and cites what is the current focus of the project. Many cryptocurrency projects lack a detailed roadmap. Energi has laid out concrete plan for 2019 and the upcoming years. Energi is a horse for long run and it plans one step ahead than its peers. The whitepaper says Energi captures Ethereum’s existing capabilities but will be fine-tuned due to its Treasury and Governance model to expand growth and adoption. Although Energi is working with the basic coding architecture of Ethereum, it will continuously upgrade the code-base to maximize capabilities. It plans to develop a brand new platform in future. With Energi 3.0 release, it may become the one and only cryptocurrency to achieve the rare combination of strong treasury/funding, smart contracts & governance. Energi aims to be one of the most dominant cryptocurrency platform in the coming years.

Key Features of Energi
Scalability, low fees, Instant pay: Energi is an enhanced fork of Dash and so it has instant transaction feature with much lower fees. The transaction are super-fast and cheap due to its unique transaction engineering. Millions of people are using the network but Energi network can not be clogged. Energi has a block time of one minute and a 2 megabyte block size limit with high transaction capacity. Also the Masternode Network provides second level scalability which grows with number of active full nodes.
Privacy: Masternodes provide private transactions. Energi has a coin mixing feature also which gives an extra layer of privacy. While sending coins from wallet A to wallet B, it mixes coins with other coins in a pool and then it sends the exact amount. So the amount sent is the amount received but the source is not traceable.

Built-in Governance model: Energi has a community-driven governance model. The suggested proposals are submitted for open consideration and then approved or disapproved on the basis of vote casting by the Masternodes owners. This governance model increases the credibility and stability of the platform. It also maximizes its scalability and encourages people to participate in transparent decision making.
Smart Contract/DApp ecosystem: DApps of Energi eco system brings it closer to the goal of global adoption. Smart contracts increase transparency, efficiency, speed, security and trust of its ecosystem. Smart contracts also promote self-development and bring new investors and add value to the native cryptocurrency of the eco system.
Interests: Some value investors or long term investors do not get any benefit from cryptocurrency inflation. Many investors will like to be compensated for the inflation. Energi has a perpetual decrease in inflation. Each month, the inflation is lower than the previous month. Energi rewards long term investors with interests. Running a Masternode can provide significant interests. Energi evolved from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake.
Power Consumption: Maximum cryptocurrencies have a mining system in place which burns huge energy. Although it functions like inflation mechanism, it is like a taxation system. Bitcoin is almost burning five billion dollars due to mining. The huge mining energy is a lost value proposition for the economy. It could be used for development and growth. Energi aims to address the issue.
Treasury Feature: Release of coins happen through Treasury and Masternodes. Governance, security, instant transactions are provided by Masternodes, while the Treasury provides perpetual funding for all Energi services. Energi has a Treasury size of 40% while its predecessors has much lower Treasury size (Dash has 10% Treasury size). So its Treasury provides huge fund flow and exponential growth potential.

Energi Masternode
Master nodes are full nodes that gives incentive to node operators for performing the core consensus functions of running a blockchain. You need to stake 10,000 NRG in Energi Core Wallet as a collateral amount for hosting a Masternode. Masternode rewards have already begun. 40% of the NRG (9.14 NRG per block) generated every month is distributed among the Masternode holders as incentives. The project structured high Masternode payments purposefully to reward Masternode holders heavily.

Details of Coin
Ticker: NRG
Genesis Date: April 14, 2018
Hashing Algorithm: Proof of Stake
Available Supply: 20.5 Million
Max Supply: No limit
Major Exchange: Kucoin

Other Details
Energi Website
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