State of distributed storage

in #blockchain2 years ago

With the various high bandwidth/storage requirements for sites that run on the Hive Blockchain, what do they use for storage?

I remember @novacadian posting a couple of pictures that were 100% stored on chain.

I'm curious if there are other solutions that use distributed storage projects where they are stored encrypted on other peoples spare space. I remember a few years ago there were projects that paid a token based on storage used, but it was very high latency then.

With connectivity and networking equipment getting lower latency on the prosumer level, I wonder if new distributed solutions would work for storing images, videos, etc.


I would like to know this too - would be cool to have all large media (images video etc) stored off-chain on ipfs using filecoin or something similar and just have metadata on the blockchain. I think 3speak is planning to do something like this and then you can earn tokens by hosting videos.

If the bandwidth AND storage are compensated I can see a lot of people interested.

I know I have a lot of spare bandwidth, for a residential load, that I could spare. I also have the "prosumer" infrastructure that would allow me to share the load so that it doesn't affect my personal use, while streaming at least 720p video.

I can stream full HD to a couple clients with plex external to my network, so it won't be a big deal.

Sweet - you can run a theta edge node to monetise spare bandwidth right now. I do it and earn tfuel!