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RE: When In Doubt? Blame Capitalism

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Problem with Steemit is that 'birds of a feather stick together ' . It's hard to have debates because people prefer to cosy up to others they agree with and ignore those they don't.

O just find what you write interesting and am simply too thick to give coherent answers to a lot of what I read here .

However, labels are a curse. They lead people into blinkered self-identification.

I have no problem with capitalism. My problem lies with greed. Individual greed which them manifests itself into corporate greed and then within an individual, can become jealousy .

Jealousy and greed are evil emotional tables upon which most of the world's ills can be laid.

As for blame. I find it easier to blame religion. All of it. That way I'm right purely based on the fact the the majority of the world believe in some form of God and thus if I blame religion for everything, probability says the real culprit will be in there somewhere !

Good morning by the way :-)

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I don’t see that tribalism as too much of a bad thing it’s all about providing a space for everyone’s opinions!

The content everyone produces will eventually provide bridges! We can’t force discourse, those who want will eventually engage.

Labels make it easier to break things down into simple variables! So left and right, easy! Having more options and considerations makes it harder to polarize people and mobilize them and keep them focused on the minutia of various issues and not the Macro

I grew up catholic and I always thought people used it as a crutch! They will act like shit heads and then be like oh in religious it’s fine! As long as you have a fall back or someone to blame then you can reduce or have no accountability

But labels polarize things and provide such narrow criteria unless, like religion, we start diluting the criteria and providing new labels. Eventually, the ultimate result is a label for each person.....I have that label already, my name, and I am happy to be individually defined and identified by that alone.