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RE: ADSactly Crypto: What Is Ethereum Sharing All About?

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I have already read about the Ethereum problem: a coin that has lost a lot of value and that at the beginning knew how to position itself on a large scale. In fact, somewhere I read that it no longer has a future. I think that's a very pessimistic opinion. Although it has been devalued a lot, I think it's part of the economic game. Apart from the distances, we can see how the steem had a great value two years ago and today it doesn't even reach 0.15. However, we are here and we continue to bet on this community. In particular, I think that the era of cryptomoney has come to stay, beyond the aontecer and the variables that may arise. As always, thank you for the information.


Well it was the first smart contract chain and allowed for dapps and people saw different ways of improving it and now we have NEO, EOS and STEEM and a host of other chains competing with it. The competition is good it allows for more decentralisation and keeps projects pushing to be better. We won't know which will come out the best, they will all probably cater to different markets, there won't be one smart contract and dapp platform for every idea.