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RE: ADSactly Crypto: What Is Blockchain Interoperability?

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Months ago I read a post here in steem that talked about interoperability between chains of different blocks. Although I remember not having understood much about the subject, I said that one of the reasons why many of the practical applications of Blockchain technology are still not successful enough is that Blockchain infrastructures tend to operate with a singular mentality and that just success could be achieved with communication between chains, sharing information across different networks. I imagine that if that is achieved a breakthrough and greater impact, surely there are already many working on interoperability solutions blockchain. thank you very much for this information.


The cost-saving and efficiency would be next level it would allow us to transfer data and value like never before, make wallets more practical make p2p trading more practical and leverage the power of all the blockchains as a collective and I think that's where the future of this space lies.