The Simpsons mentions Blockchain technology in their latest episode

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You know cryptocurrency is making it to the mainstream when you see it discussed on The Simpsons cartoon comedy show. The Simpsons is one of the longest running comedy shows on television globally. You may not know it, depending on your region, but it is considered to be “the longest-running prime time TV series of all time.”
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In one of their latest comedy shows recently, they had a whole explanation of crytpocurrency and blockchain. In fact it wasn’t a joke but rather a serious tutorial, in the guise of a cartoon comedy of course. This is truly exciting because it means that the information regarding crypto is entering into he households of millions of normal mainstream Americans. As well as others who watch the show globally.

The Simpsons have been known to have an uncanny ability to predict the future in some of their shows, sometimes predicting things that came true years later, like President Trump actually becoming president years before it happened. Well in this recent show they said crypto will one day be the currency of the world. “Many a true word said in jest” is the English proverb or saying that comes to mind.

And another curious cross-chain part of it was that the narrative regarding the use of blockchain was narrated by the same character who plays the genius Sheldon Cooper, in the other comedy television series called The Big Bang Theory, a popular sitcom about some super geeks with a cutting edge take on modern social dynamics and psychology. Well the actor who plays Sheldon in the Big Bang Theory, named Jim Parsons, was the voice speaking the lines for the cartoon character that explained blockchain and cryptocurrency quite well.

Using terms like “decentralized consensus network” and “distributed ledger” - two fundamental characteristics of the blockchain - the character did a good job of putting it out there for all to hear, even though it may have gone over the heads of your average cartoon viewer, but still the concept is now mainstream.

The character in the show even went on to make a joke that he knew who Satoshi Nakamoto is, as the famous mystery creator of Bitcoin. Nobody knows for sure but there was a least this joke referring to that very mystery. Admittedly the show never used the word “Bitcoin” in any of their script, presumably preferring to keep it academic or abstract and not related to the contentious king of crypto itself, even though Bitcoin was the original blockchain currency.

Curiously the blockchain was apparently never designed to make this currency Bitcoin for average everyday use. It was only a way to pay miners, to be used among themselves to run the blockchain. Only later did it take off as an entity with a life of its own, as a store of value and medium of exchange for the masses on a retail level. In other words the real invention is blockchain technology that can be used for multiple purposes. Bitcoin came later after further widespread adoption. Or so I’ve heard from others more learned in the field.

So whether you use it for trading or to make money by investing, the blockchain has multiple valuable uses as an open and transparent distributed ledger that is not censorable or unchangeable. It is being used for any system that needs to record many transactions per second without cessation. It can be used as a record, a ledger of transactions like land ownership, cargo tracking and numerous other smart contracts, like social media posting and remuneration, as well all know here of course. Trading cryptocurrency to make profit on the price volatility is just one side use that has obviously become popular because it involves getting rich quickly, but that is just one minor use.

Once people get to realize how valuable blockchain technology is in and of itself, beyond the level of trading, then they will appreciate the revolutionary breakthrough that it represents, much like the invention of the internet. And as newer and smarter uses for blockchain technology emerge from bright minds, then we will see it being adopted more and more globally, as it already is slowly. Even central banks and global corporations are viewing it with interest.

It’s just a matter of time before blockchain is used by governments. Sweden is launching their own use case for a digital currency. China is talking about using it, as are other central banks and sovereign states. It is here to stay as it is the new way, the way of the future, a future which is still in its infancy. It is written in the code.

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