A use you didn't imagine they give the Blockchain

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Greetings Friends readers, this time I bring you something that literally drove me crazy. Well, basically when one reads Blockchain, I think directly of what would be Steemit, or some coin or purse... But it turns out that there is a company that uses the Blockchain to verify the quality of its product, being this specifically extra virgin olive oil.

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Yes, you read right, it's not a joke or anything like that. Well, the company CHO, which is based in Tunisia and is considered one of the largest producers in the field, at least in the Mediterranean.

All this is due to the fact that you can see more than just feeling the taste of the oil or its density and colour, it is to take a look back and accompany the whole process that takes place from the fields to the facilities that process the raw material.

Surely you have been able to see for yourself or surely in some cooking program you have seen or heard about it, and is that although there are several denominations, among which the olive oil, within which the extra virgin stands out, since it is considered one of the best edible oils, for it the extra virgin has to fulfill a very specific series of requirements.

According to aceitedelasvaldesas.com the extra virgin olive oil is the one whose chemical acidity levels are lower than 0,8º and organoleptically it has no defect. It must fulfil both parameters to be Extra Virgin. It is undoubtedly the best oil because its nutritional properties remain intact.

The brand has chosen to include this technology that works in the form of a QR code, in which when scanning this code included in the label of its Terra Delyssa olive oil, which will reveal everything mentioned above.

CHO will use for all this the chain of blocks known as IBM Food Trust, which has already been used by companies such as Nestlé and retail networks such as Carrefour, Albertsons and Walmart.

They are not the first

It should be emphasized that they are not the first products to use this technology since within the coffee industry this type of advance is also being used. Companies such as Beyers Koffie, Itcho, The Colombian Federation of Coffee Growers, Volcafé and Jacbos Douwe Egberts use Thank My Farmer so that their users or consumers can review until the farmer grows the coffee they are consuming.

Similarly, the wine industry is not far behind, as Bodegas Riojanas, one of Spain's oldest wine companies, began a partnership with Blockchain Wine in the summer of 2019 to employ Tatoo Wine. Which has similar characteristics to oil and coffee.

So we see little by little the blockchain is gaining more and more ground not only in what we are used to appreciate when we listen to blockchain, which I think is just great.

Since this will help in some way or another that people will gradually integrate or know everything that can be developed in it, and that it's not just a matter of coins and so on.

Now a question, have you had contact with this type of system in the supermarket (like the ones mentioned above) or interacted with it by means of some product? I personally have not, and I suppose here in Venezuela it may take a long time to get that kind of progress due to the current situation, but I am interested in knowing what you think about it in any case.

As always thanks for coming to this part of my post, a thousand apologies if in the last post I couldn't answer your comment, I promise to do it as soon as possible and without more to add, I don't say goodbye without wishing you a happy day, afternoon or night.


When you think of a blockchain by its other name, distributed ledger technology (DLT), it’s not an unexpected use of the tech. Add to that the global nature of the applications and it definitely benefits from the distributed and secure nature of DLT.

Greetings @jdkennedy, thanks for commenting, you are right, at the time I had not seen it from that point of view. But in the same way, I think it's interesting to know more about the blockchain in a more commercial way.

Thanks for reading my post, and have a nice day, afternoon or night✌️

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Dear @jjqf

When you mentioned this company and their product - I wasn't sure what drove you crazy. I understand that it was in positive sense? :)

It's surely amazing to see growing amount of projects and companies using blockchain technology to move forward with their businesses.

Are you on discord by a chance? I think I've lost my contact to you :(

Also ... I've just noticed that you shared your post a moment ago on our project.hope telegram channel and I was quite amazed to see that this post is already 6 days old.

Try to share link to your posts on our channel faster :) It will make it easier for me.

Perhaps in the future you can post it via project.hope hive ? https://beta.steemit.com/trending/hive-175254

That would definetly make it much easier for all of us with so called 'content discovery'. Otherwise it's really hard to accidentaly bump into your articles.

Yours, Piotr

Good morning Piotr, greetings, yes, it seems strange that I share the post a little (quite) late, I know it's not the usual way, but I thought I had done it at the right time (in fact I had already crossed it out of my week).

It was only by chance that I realized that I hadn't sent it and so I decided to send it. As for what you say about the Hive platform of the project, no problem, my next post will be there.

In fact I'm just getting familiar with all this. Because if my brother said and I could see in the little that I have entered in steemit in these days, that there is a lot of movement in that part, only that I have not entered yet in direct contact with it.

As for Discord, if I have moved away a little, but it is for problems a little speed of the Internet, actually last week I had slight problems that made insufferable to load so google.com was ... you can imagine... But as far as possible I will be there too, apart from the telegram channel.

In reference to the post, if I am surprised by the amount of uses that are being given to everything that is the blockchain, I think it's great because this will make many people know the environment and be integrated into this world.

And if, with the use of the blockchain in the olive oil I got something crazy (yes, in a positive way), because I didn't think it could be used for that purpose, I see that there is always something that surprises us in terms of advances and uses of technology.

Without further ado, thank you very much, happy day, afternoon or night✌️

It's me again @jjqf

I just realized that I never actually thanked you for your comment. Big thx.

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Thanks :)
Yours, Piotr

Hi @jjqf

here in Venezuela I have not seen products that follow that characteristic, but there are products from other countries that are marketed here, in which it is seen; One of them is the Fructus (known to be toxic for human consumption) and precisely here I show you a photo of its packaging with its QR code.


I do not know if some people have complained, I tried to scan the code and it did not work because of connection failures, in any case I consider it very interesting that companies are starting to give a rational and productive use to the blockchain and I think it is a breakthrough very good important. Great post!

Greetings @reinaldoverdu, thanks for commenting, because I didn't realize that the fructus had qr (the thing is that since I don't consume this kind of products, and thanks to its fame I avoid it haha).

But you are right, nowadays with the great import of products this may come to us in one way or another "accidentally" without necessarily being the target.

If I get a chance to scan the qr of the fruit I will tell you that it came out, who knows if the qr says something like "the consumption of this affects your health" or similar, such as boxes of cigarettes xD.

Without further ado, thanks for reading me, happy day, noon or night✌️

Blockchain is a blank, virgin book. It is important who fills the pages and with what kind of data. Blockchain certifies which data was entered and when, but not the reliability of the information.

Greetings @deathcross, thanks for commenting, you are right, the blockchain as everything in general must know how to use it, and hopefully we are more the good ones who are filling these pages.

Thanks for reading me, I wish you a good day, afternoon or night✌️

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