Creating banners for the Bulgarian community!

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I'm here to stay #bgn Project info:



This post is made for our #bgn and #bulgaria community!

If there is anyone in our community who would like a similar banner with their name, like this bellow ..


... u can add comment with 2 names and some hobbies(2-5). I will try to return the banner(JPG format) until few days.

our community master:
iliyan90 in 3speak
@iliyan90 in Esteem.

Ако желате да научите повече за платформата.. Цъкнете тук!


Харесва ми ❤🇧🇬, Katya Mancheva-hiking, running, yoga

Супер си ;)

Браво! С такива хора в група и с общи усилия ще стигнем далеч!👏🙏🇧🇬🤗 I'm here to stay #bgn 🇧🇬 Veselin Koychev. Football, yoga, photography 📷🧘🏽‍♂️⚽

Да трябва малко team work да друпнем ще стигнем далече така ;)

Много готино ✌️ #bgn.🇧🇬 Вержиния Илиева - walking into the nature, running, watching movies and so on.

Супер си ;)

Хей! С латински символи "Virginia Ilieva", ли е ? :)

Браво добра работа ;)

10x, baby :)