Real Life Scenario: How Blockchain Technology Will Affect your Daily Life?

in #blockchain2 years ago


Blockchain can affect daily life activities in several ways, Some of which are;

  • Internet Of Things (IoT)

This world is widespread into the Crypto niche - the Internet of things (IoT). But what exactly is it? Think of all the devices that can connect to the internet. It could be your refrigerator, your home assistant, even maybe your smart TV. However, the basic concept is - no matter whatever the "thing" is if it connects to the internet, it's in the IoT club.

Generally, smart home appliances get considered as the entitles of the internet of things. Every dot that connects to the web is a great asset to the technology network. What's the best part of this technology? It is energy efficient. Cryptocurrencies generally consume an insane amount to generate. The IoT can do a lot and ultimately save an m, massive amount of electrical power.

  • Blockchain Healthcare

One of the unique features of Blockchain technology is that all the data is encrypted. It never violates personal privacy. It's a great weapon against data breaches and other virtual crimes. So, we think this technology can highly benefit the healthcare sector. Blockchain could encrypt all the user data and keep it safe for specific eyes only. All the documentation like surgery data could be encoded and kept private.

So, undoubtedly, healthcare could be a vast field that can get the utmost benefit from the tech.