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Getting to know social media is incomplete when we don't discuss any application that helps social media be useful for the community. Advances in technology make everyone want to be instant in using it, as well as in social media. Various applications have been created and are recognized to have much influence on people's communication lives. Especially when smartphones begin to mushroom and are widely used.

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Now, when the largest and most popular social networks are years of fruitful work, it is difficult to say that their current position is still based on the exceptional communication of users with each other. In the end, you probably already heard such information about how our favorite social networks collect and send our personal data to various advertising companies. Which, in turn, on the basis of the received data will transform their marketing and advertising companies.
At the same time, this situation once again proves to us that all our user data is vulnerable and not confidential. Moreover, using them without our consent leads to a violation of consumer rights.
Paying attention to everything that happens, the team of specialists decided to offer users new conditions for communicating with each other, where all personal data will not only be securely stored, but also confidential. So, I am pleased to introduce GLBrain.

about the project
As you may have guessed, GLBrain is an online platform whose main goal is to solve all the problems described above related to modern social networks. At the same time, the platform itself intends to introduce new tools that allow users to communicate with each other, giving them the ability to manage their personal data, as well as maintain confidentiality, reliability and security.
But in order to provide all these functions, GLBrain has developed special relational databases, as well as introduced additional encryption and the use of Blockchain technology. At the same time, GLBrain developers decided to use SkyFiber as the basis for the block chain to make their database even more reliable and secure.

Special properties
It is important to note that GLBrain surpasses many modern social networks in terms of technical characteristics, both in terms of trust and privacy. At the same time, the GLBrain structure is open to both personal and commercial use. In the end, as far as you know, at the moment, almost every commercial organization is forced to exchange data of various types in the framework of its activities. This means that the security and privacy of this process is almost paramount to them.
Since this affects not only the life of the company itself, but also its entire labor activity. This need is especially acute now, when each commercial organization processes and generates only tens or even hundreds of GB of information per day.

The obvious advantage of GLBrain is the fact that this platform already has an initial audience of 50,000 users with an average statistics of visits of about 300,000 users per month. Which is quite acceptable for a novice indicator. But this is only the beginning, because thanks to the marketing approach, the founders of GLBrain intend to overcome this milestone and demonstrate their work tools to tens of thousands or even millions of social network users around the world.
Moreover, within the framework of GLBrain, users will be able to fully use various advertising packages, as well as additional e-commerce features, thereby promoting not only their products, but also any other product. At the same time, if someone does not understand, then GLBrain will have all the most important functions, as in ordinary social networks. Namely, all content creators will be given the opportunity to demonstrate their creativity to the target audience, that is, publish: photos, videos or any other content.

A specially developed GLB system token will help to carry out many internal processes, the total number of which will be only 300 million service tokens. Of which only 40% will be allocated to the IEO. The remainder of the coins will be distributed among the founders, consultants and partners of the project. The initial cost of the coin will be 0.10 euros.

Total delivery of parts: 300,000,000
Base price of the article: 0.1

Advance sales: 37.2 million GLB
Price for phase 1: € 0.06
Price for phase 2: € 0.07
Price for phase 3: € 0.08

IEO: 82.8 million GLB
Price for phase 1: € 0.085
Price for phase 2: € 0.09
Price for phase 3: € 0.095

Appropriations used (EUR 2.1 million)
Development of backend chaincode systems
Hyper chain system development
Block chain technology development
Development of an internal acceptance register
Filing international patents
The correspondence and direction of the first large community
Over 50,000 registered users
Over 300,000 monthly viewers
Future allocation of funds
Marketing for online community management at all levels
Start an IEO / STO GLOrain campaign
Expansion of server capacity
Develop specific online marketing tools to disrupt rural marketing in India and Africa
Set up a Ledger Smart ERL agreement and mobile wallet
Expansion of the technology and marketing team
Create custom token solutions for specific customers such as local online markets, NGOs or coins that are used to achieve the SDGs.

road map

Start of the project
Join the development agreement with John Nesbitt University
Globra FZ-LLC founded

Globra GmbH founded
trademark registration
Back-end development

Globra doo is founded
Employment of key personnel
Back-end development

Frontend development
GLBrain start
Start of MyLife

Start GLMall
Integrated community management function
First mobile approach

Hyper chain development
Sahaj project, India
GLBrain + product development

Block chain development
Patent application
UN Parts Agreement
GLBrain, India
Saathi project, India

GLB coin and wallet
IEO white paper and landing page
Ayi + project, Haiti
Completion of the IEO

STO campaign
Implementation of a confidential agreement
United Nations game and project
External reception book

Dr. Wolfgang Pinegger - managing director
Carolin Pinegger - Marketing Manager
Dr. Carlo Maragliano - blockchain team leader
Vladimir Povolny - head of the development team
Djordie Susic - main developer
Aleksandar Sofranac - Art Director

Dr. Evan Luthra
Herbert Sim
Dr. Walter Schwimmer - consultant and mentor
Prof. Dr. Dr. Stefan Brunnhuber - consultant

Summing up a brief summary of all of the above, I would like to note the high level of preparation of the GLBrain project. In the end, despite the fact that I was able to tell only a small part about it, there are still many technical aspects in its structure that you will be extremely interested to learn about.
And to make this research as convenient and comfortable as possible for you, I prepared all the necessary official social resources of the platform in advance. Links to which you will find at the end of this article.
I hope the information you read was helpful and interesting. If so, then like and subscribe to my channel. Also do not forget to share your opinion about the project in the comments.

Official resources of the GLBrain project:


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