Cheeze Wizards Dapp Review (661 ETH Tournament)

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Cheeze Wizards is currently one of the popular Dapp built on the ethereum network and developed by some of the developers of Cryptokitties.

Cheeze Wizards claims to be the world’s first blockchain game with a battle royale gameplay system.
In the world of Cheeze Wizards, magic is power, power is ether, and being the Big Cheeze is everything.

Cheeze Wizards had a successful presale by selling exclusive types of wizards to the players. Each wizard is a Non Fungible Token (NFT).
Let us learn more about Cheeze Wizards and its game mechanics.

Summoning Wizards
Players can summon 2 kinds of wizards
Neutral Wizards
Players can summon neutral wizards, which sells for a fixed price, that is 0.07 ETH.
Neutral are the basic wizards and have no particular strengths or weaknesses

Elemental Wizard
The elemental wizard Involves 3 wizard characters ( Fire, Water, Wind)
Players can purchase these Wizards, but the price of these wizards increases on each sale respectively.
elemental wizards are extra powerful at casting their native element but also they are vulnerable to weakness.

Each Wizard summoned is born with a special trait and varying rarities, but only the wizard’s power and elemental affinity affect dueling.

Cheeze Wizards Tutorial
Parties masquerade as clans, guilds, or teams in other games parties allow players to form alliances and teams with their friends.
parties increase players chances of winning an additional prize if someone in that particular party wins the Big Cheeze

Parties are important because it helps in supporting the party members during the tournament.
By joining parties or creating new ones, players can increase their overall chances of winning the Big Cheeze.

Cheeze Wizard Tournament
The Cheeze Wizard tournament starts on the 14th of October 2019.
It ends in a few weeks later when just 1 wizard is left in the tournament.

Phases Of Cheeze Wizards Tournament
There are 3 phases in the Cheeze Wizards tournaments
Phase I
The first phase is the gathering phase where players Summon their wizards and Join or create their own parties

Phase II
The second phase is the greet and beat phase where players summon wizards, form party and Duel.

Phase III
The third and last phase is where the blue mold begins, where players duel their wizards against each other until the last wizard is standing.

So the last wizard standing is the winner. The winner gets the BIG Cheeze as the tournament prize which includes an honor and ether as a reward.
The BIG Cheeze involves half of the ether that was raised to summon the wizards. currently, the BIG Cheeze tournament price is currently at 661.6 Ethereum which equals approximately $123607 USD.

Cheeze Wizards Dueling/Gameplay
The dueling involves a battle between two wizards. When a wizard wins a duel, that particular wizard gains power from the losing wizard.

During Phase II and III of the tournament, there are three duel windows each day. During these three-hour periods, players can challenge as many wizards they like to a duel, and once they agree, both the players choose five spells. Once both players choose their spells, the duel takes place and wizards cast their spells over five rounds.

If a player casts its element that is more effective against the opponent’s spell, the player wins, and vice-versa.

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